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Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Review

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Take Your Child for a Ride With the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemAre you always taking your baby out with you? If so, then keep your child secure and comfortable with the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System. If you can’t leave your baby inside the house when you are out, then this product is for you. This travel system can handle many different types of terrain, so no matter where you are going – be it to the shop, to the park, or to a picnic – your child will enjoy more bonding moments with you.

Three Main Product Features

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemSafety features

Your child is kept safe in this travel system through the following safety features: a tether strap, a safety harness, and a hatchet that can block both wind and sun. All of these ensure that your child is kept secure in the travel system and also from the harsh environment outside.

Storage and comfort

The parent tray can hold two cups and has a compartment for storage. These two parent tray features allow parents to pack whatever their children need, such as food, drinks, and diapers. Moreover, the seat is padded and reclining, thus making your child’s ride relaxing.

All-terrain wheels

The wheels are actually bicycle tires, so the travel system will move in all types of ground, whether you are taking your child just for a stroll outside or for a camping trip. Your child won’t be in for a bumpy ride.

Who Should Buy The Product?

Any parent of a small child who can fit in the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System should better have the product right in his or her home. Parents who often go out are especially advised to have this product, especially if there is no one else who will take care of their small children while they are away. This product is also for anyone who deals with children on a regular basis and who has to bring them out every now and then.

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Product Pros

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemBoth health and safety needs of children satisfied

Many ordinary travel systems keep your child exposed to the outside environment. That is a no-no because your child may get exposed to various microbes and dust in the air, as well as to harsh weather. This travel system does not only keep your child in place – it also protects them from illness.

Convenience of carrying necessary things for your children

The storage compartment in the travel system allows you to put needed things for your child there. You need not carry those things yourself.

Can handle any type of terrain

No matter where you live, or no matter where you intend to always travel with your child, the travel system will always support you. Your child will be kept secure even if the ride gets tough because of the various safety features.

One Product Con

Sometimes the front wheel becomes unstable. However, because of the safety features, your child won’t fall off. Just have the front wheel tightened to restore stability.

Value for Your Money

You and your child will always be together, both outdoors and indoors, when you have the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System. Safety, comfort, and convenience all come together in this travel system. With this, you can take your child anywhere and let him or her see the world.

Travel systems are really convenient because they combine an infant car seat with a standard stroller that can be used together for easier traveling with a baby. They generally allow for use with infants from birth to toddlerhood. The Britax B-Agile B-Safe Travel System offers many features that make it THE travel system to own.

Important Safety Features

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemFrom infancy to toddlers safety is an important factor. A travel system offers safety for infants when riding in vehicles and while going for a stroll outdoors. The Britax B-Safe Car seat is designed to absorb and evenly distribute impact in a collision to protect baby’s head and body. The B-Agile stroller is equipped with a 5-point harness system for better security and suspension system that provides a smooth ride for your baby.


One of the main convenience aspects with travel systems is that they offer more versatility than separate baby gear. In addition to keeping baby safe in the car, the car seat can be set into the stroller for strolling around infants for a carriage-like system. The B-Agile stroller is designed to grow with babies so it can be used from infancy to toddlers up to 55 pounds!

Lightweight Factor

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel SystemA travel system offers convenience for taking your baby out of the car while out and about, but it should be easy to get in and out of the vehicle. The B-Agile stroller is made with aluminum frame to make it lightweight so taking it out isn’t a pain on your back.

Ease of Use

To enhance the convenience of a travel system, it should be easy to use. Some standard strollers are difficult to open and can be hard to push and maneuver. The Britax Travel System has key features that provide ease of use for pushing baby around as well as for storing.

Who Would Buy This:

The Britax B-Safe B-Agile Travel System is recommended for parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Anyone who will be taking baby out for a ride will benefit from this system to make it easier for shopping trips or running errands. There are many favorable qualities with this system that also makes it suitable for frequent travelers.

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Pros and Cons:

Pros and Cons

This travel system has many features that others don’t have. The 3-wheel design of the stroller makes it easier to maneuver and get around – a very desirable factor when shopping for getting in and out of aisles easily. It has a one-handed folding design to make folding it up a cinch for putting in the car and storing when not in use. The infant car seat provides many safety features that help protect your precious bundle in the event of a crash and is easy to take baby from the car to the stroller.

One factor worth pointing out is the fact that the front wheel locks making it difficult to turn. This feature helps with steering so the stroller doesn’t go all over the place when pushing – a feature to improve maneuverability. However, when the front wheel is locked it makes turning corners nearly impossible. The simple solution is to just unlock the wheel when making turns or leave it unlocked if you’re on a curvy path such as going for a walk through the park. Another aspect many users did not find favorable is the fact that it doesn’t come with the parent tray which is purchased separately. This, however, offers more customizability by the parent because you can purchase a separate console that meets your needs. Other strollers with a parent tray may only have one cup holder and a small console, but this one gives you the ability of purchasing one you like that is compatible with the stroller.

Value for money?

This travel system offers great value to parents. The versatility of using it with or without the infant car seat gives you multiple options and is made to grow with your child so you get the most use out of the product. It’s durable and built to last so it can be used with multiple children over the years.

Where to buy and read more reviews:

If you want to find a retailer that carries the Britax B-Safe B-Agile Travel System you can search on the Britax main site for the area where you live as they are widely available throughout the U.S. and Canada in various stores. You can also purchase the Britax B-Safe B-Agile Travel System online through Amazon. It is a great place to find reviews from other users who have owned the travel system.

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Best stroller reviews

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Becoming a parent means taking in a lot of responsibilities which keep on pilling up every day of the week. In order to make things easier, it is important to have at your disposal professional “helpers”. For example: when you decide to take the baby out for a walk, you need to use a high quality stroller, designed with security and comfort in mind. Going through the best strollers represents a firm commitment to your child’s safety every time you take him out for a stroll. It is very important to keep the little one safe and comfortable during each moment of the walk.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2 Seat 

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2 Seat Taking the child out for a stroll can be hard work, given that there are many things to consider: security, comfort and stability. This is why strollers were developed, in order to help parents take their little ones out for walks without second guessing things. Now, you have the possibility to choose from the best strollers 2016 reviews- Baby Jogger City Select stroller. This model is very popular among parents, appreciated for its solid design and stability levels. It incorporates the patented Quick-Fold technology which gives you the possibility to fold the stroller quickly, in one simple step. The model features an innovative multi-functional design which gives you the possibility to select the proper seating arrangement, from 16 unique combinations. You will be able to set out the right position for the little one, adding comfort to the existing safety levels. The flexible configuration is what kept on bringing parents to this elegant stroller.

BOB Revolution SE Single stroller 

BOB Revolution SE Single strollerWhen it comes to the child’s wellbeing, you should go for the best. This is why more and more American moms and dads use with confidence Revolution SE single stroller from BOB. As one of the best stroller on the market today, this model was designed with a pivoting front wheel and two on the back. You have complete control over the whole stroller, irrespective of the surface conditions. The stroller has a lightweight frame and an advanced suspension system which maintains the comfort levels at the highest levels. It is the perfect companion for day to day activities, keeping the little one close to you. While doing the groceries or meeting up with friends in the park, the stroller ensures that the child is safe and protected. It is recommended for children over 8 weeks and has a weight capacity of 70 pounds. In addition, you will benefit from a 5-year warranty!

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel system 

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel system Are you trying to figure out which stroller is best for your child? Out of the best strollers  2016, you can opt without reservations for Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect! Everyone knows that Graco baby products revolve around enhanced safety and durability, so this model won’t disappoint. It combines innovation with some convenient features that moms absolutely adore. You can manoeuvre it without problems on any type of terrain. As some moms pointed out, this stroller ensures that you maintain your active life and involve the little one in a secure manner. Placed among the best strollers available today on the market, this model includes Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant car seat. It has a weight capacity of around 50 lbs while Click Connect seat can protect babies from 4 to 35 lbs. The stroller has air-filled rubber tires which maintain a smooth ride all the way.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel single Jogger 

Schwinn Turismo Swivel single Jogger Finding the best stroller  for your child is a big investment in his outdoor lifestyle. This is why so many Americans consult professional information before choosing a product. Now, you have the possibility to opt for Pacific Cycle Schwinn Turismo  jogger. You will be able to use this product while going jogging or simply out for a walk with the little one as a chaperone. This model was constructed with a lightweight aluminum format which allows you to use it without problems. It has a single 12-inch swivelling front tire and also two 16 inch rear tires which keep the ride comfy and smooth. Placed among the best strollers 2016, Turismo includes special parent features: molded tray, cup holders and easy folding design. You should also know that the stroller has a built-in MP3 speaker which you can use to play songs to your son and daughter.

Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller 

Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller Choosing a model from the best strollers can be pretty difficult given that each product comes with unique features. There are parents that simply don’t know which is the best model to take for their children. In the specific segment of baby strollers, parent testimonials underlined the efficiency of Evenflo Journey 300 Stroller with Embrace 35 car seat. This 2 in 1 travel system is just what a parent on the go needs. You will absolutely adore the rapid folding system through the Stand Hold and Fold option. This function gives you the possibility to fold the device with only one hand. It comes with special parent functions like pivoting child tray which you can use to feed him, storage basket where you can store toys and 2 cup parent tray. This stroller includes a reliable 3 point safety harness system which keeps the child safe and secure, every moment of the stroll.

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect StrollerEvery parent wants to use the best strollerwhen it comes to the safety and comfort of their child during long or short walks. Recent statistics pointed out that Graco strollers always managed to impress through their durability, convenience and efficiency. This is why we are not surprised to see so many parents use with confidence Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect stroller. This stroller offers enhanced comfort for both children, with a weight capacity of 40 pounds each. The model has a stadium style seating which keeps the child a bit raised in order to benefit from a better view. Due to its unique design, both partners will be comfortable, enjoying cosy positions every moment of the walk. The stroller includes special parent features like one-hand folding system, storage basked and tray. It can accommodate children by up to 50 pounds with ease. Furthermore it is important to know that the swivelling wheels are lockable.

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller 

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller If you are currently trying to find an elegant yet reliable stroller for your child, look closer at Maclaren Twin Techno stroller. This beautiful model combines style with utility, helping parents move in complete liberty from one place to another. It has elegant seats, with special twin head huggers and leg rests that keep the infants comfortable and cosy every time you take them out. Furthermore the stroller includes protective hoods which will keep children far in a cool and shaded position. It doesn’t contain phthalate or lead. This stylish stroller from Maclaren has a super-rapid 5 second and one hand folding system which comes in handy when you’re in a hurry. The stroller has ergonomic foam insulated handles that enhances your grip, even while going over rocky terrains. It is the perfect travel system, especially for active parents that don’t compromise their fashion style while going out on a walk.


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Best Baby Stroller

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Baby strollers are used for pushing babies either within the neighborhood, in an airport, in a beach, going for shopping or, for any kind of out door activity at all. It makes strolling with your baby much more easier, comfortable and convenient.

There are many different types of baby strollers available in the market and many of these can easily be ordered online from Amazon, from ebay or from here.

Types of Baby Strollers

Whether you want a stroller for a single baby, stroller for two babies, for three, four or six babies to be used at home by the family, in a day care center or anywhere it is not difficult to find the best baby stroller that suits you at the right price. Some of the more common categories available are:


  • Travel system strollers (See examples)
  • Lightweight or umbrella strollers (See examples)
  • Jogging strollers (See examples)
  • Standard size strollers (See examples)
  • Car seat stroller frames or convenient strollers (See examples)
  • Double, triple and multiple babies strollers (See examples)


Questions to Consider Before Buying

Britax (Suitable for Newborn & for Travels)

Britax (Suitable for Newborn & for Travels)

Assess your needs by answering the following Questions:

  • Which kind of places or what kind of activities will I use it for? For outings like beach and sandy or grassy areas, for travels, with my car or, just something within the neighborhood?
  • What is the age of the person who will use it, newborn or toddler? A new born baby will need a stroller that fully reclines to a flat position.
  • Will I be using it often? Maybe you need something to use every day
  • What is the weight of the stroller? Is the weight of the stroller too heavy for me?
  • Do I have enough space for it? Maybe for your car, will it fit in without struggles?

How to Select the Best Baby Stroller to Buy

The best way to pick a good baby stroller that you will not regret purchasing is to do some research and check out online reviews for the product left by other people who have bought the same baby stroller. The best places to check are on eBay, Amazon or even the websites of the manufacturers themselves.

Baby Trend Sit & Stand (Double stroller)

Baby Trend Sit & Stand (Double stroller)

You can also read the reviews that we have written here on this website by checking the links to your right hand side or clicking on the pages above.

The reviews on this website are constantly updated and focus only on current best baby strollers in the market. Our reviews include information from real customers’ experiences written in a very simple way with all that you need to know about these baby strollers. Whether you are completely new to the use of baby strollers or you’ve already had some experience and maybe looking for a particular feature or some other basic features you desire, this website will guide you through in choosing the best baby stroller according to your life style or desire.

Best Places to Buy Online

Of all the online stores that we  checked, Amazon had the best deals and lowest price for baby strollers and if you are lucky you may be eligible for free shipping.Click here for latest discounts on any baby stroller on Amazon

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Best Umbrella Stroller Buyers Guide

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Shopping for babies is intimidating and difficult.  There is so much variety out there, and you want to get the best quality products for your baby, but it can be hard to know what you need verses what is excessive.

Buying a stroller is no different.  There are some ridiculously fancy strollers out there, and you could find yourself spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars.  Even if you find yourself a good deal, you still might not end up with the stroller that works for your lifestyle. Sure, the carbon fiber jogging stroller is great for your training runs, but it takes up a lot of space and there is no way you can put it in your car.

Fortunately, there are a number of light weight strollers out there that fold down into compact shapes and sizes, making them portable, easy to cary, and easy to travel with.  These are called umbrella strollers, and they can make your life with a baby a lot more convenient.

As with any stroller, make sure your child is old enough or large enough for the stroller, specifically if they are front facing strollers.  Safety always comes first.

What is an umbrella stroller, exactly?

An umbrella stroller gets its name from the shape of the handles and frame.  Picture the old fashioned umbrellas with the curved handles.  Now take two of those and put them side by side with the handles in the air, and if you were to suspend a baby seat from them and add some wheels, you have yourself an umbrella stroller.

What makes these popular and unique is their function.  These strollers are typically inexpensive, very light weight, and have a one fold feature that converts them into their compact or travel state.  The classic umbrella strollers fold in an upright position, so they are long and skinny when folded up.  Most umbrella strollers are made of a light weight aluminum frame, swivel wheels, and one-step fold, and the classic hooked handles.

However, there have been some variations on the umbrella stroller, and there are some quality products out there that do not necessarily fit the ‘umbrella’ moniker, but they are light weight, foldable, and portable as well.  While they may not be able to fold into such a compact and upright shape as the umbrella strollers, they are still considered here in this buyers guide.  What the strollers may lose in not being a true umbrella stroller, they gain back with the ability to add on other features, like storage, a canopy, and trays and cup holders, while still managing to keep these strollers light weight and portable.

If you are planning to travel with small children who still require a stroller, specifically on an airplane, you can do no better than to get yourself a simplecollapsable umbrella stroller.

Reviews of 10 Umbrella Strollers on the Market Today

There are now many different varieties, makes, models, and levels of umbrella strollers on the market, or strollers with similar attributes to umbrella strollers (light weight, compact, collapsable).  Before you begin to feel overwhelmed by the choices and variety, we have narrowed things down for you in this buyers guide.

Here you will find brief and informative reviews of 10 of the more popular umbrella strollers (or light weight umbrella style strollers) available on the market today.  As you read, try to consider what features you are most looking for in a stroller.  Some of these strollers are of the standard umbrella stroller variety, as they are quite basic, barebones, and very easy to travel with.  Others may look like your classic umbrella stroller, but they have a lot of extra bells and whistles, like storage baskets, cup holders, sun shades, and adjustable seats, and even a few strollers built for twins.  There are also a few strollers that are compatible with infant seats.  Although they are pretty far away from the umbrella stroller prototype, they are reviewed because they are still light weight, collapsable, and a smart purchase.  Make sure you note which features you want or do not need as you continue to read.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

This is not your traditional umbrella stroller, but it has so much in common with umbrella strollers we included it in this list.  The Jeep Cherokee Sport stroller is an impressively light stroller, at 11.8 pounds, and folds away to a nice compact form, making this an ideal stroller to take with you anywhere, and it will not take up much room in the car.  What this stroller offers that your umbrella strollers do no is really impressive, however.

This stroller has two cup holders near the handle for the parent, and one on the tray for the child, a large storage area underneath, and a sun shade canopy with adjustable settings.  Additionally, this stroller is a Jeep, so as you would expect it comes with all terrain wheels.

This is the ideal go anywhere store anywhere stroller, with enough comforting features that you will not realize it is a minimal fold away stroller.

The First Years Jet Stroller

This is not the umbrella stroller that you know and have come to expect.  Sure, it looks like an umbrella stroller and folds away into a compact, upright, easy to store and easy to carry shape, and it even has the classic handles, but that is where the similarities end.

The First Years Jet Stroller has much larger wheels than most strollers, giving it a light feel and smooth ride (it is already light enough at eleven pounds) and it is slightly wider than your average umbrella stroller, so it is capable of holding children up to fifty pounds.

Additionally, this stroller is built with the parent in mind.  Its handles are a few inches higher than average strollers and it comes with a large storage section in the rear for mom and dad to store a diaper bag, or even their keys in a smaller compartment near the handles.  This is one amazing little stroller.

The First Years Ignite Stroller

This is another deluxe umbrella stroller from The First Years, and the Ignite offers even more than the Jet does.  The Ignite has everything the Jet has, including the five-point safety harness, a wider seat to accommodate children up to fifty pounds, six-inch go anywhere wheels, and a taller frame that is easier for adults to use, it also features some significant upgrades.

The two most obvious upgrades would be the sun shade, which provides a nice layer of protection but also folds up compactly with the rest of the stroller, and the parent console near the handles.  This console is big enough to hold your water bottle, purse, keys, and wallet, and the Ignite also an underneath storage bucket for heavier or larger items.  This stroller has a more modern look than other umbrella strollers, and offers a lot more than them, too.

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame

Right away, you will notice that this is not a umbrella stroller, or even a regular stroller.  The Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame is a frame stroller that the Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seats.  We are including it in this review, however, because it is probably the closest thing to an umbrella stroller that fits a car seat that you are going to find.

Obviously this is for smaller children that need to still be in a car seat cradle, but this is a very light weight seat carrier, and it folds away nicely.  This stroller frame is also fully adjustable. You can adjust the height of the carrier as well as basket and the handles, so this stroller can be made to fit your needs.  While this certainly is a different type of product, if you are looking for a car seat compatible stroller, look no further than the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame.

Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller

This is another larger stroller, probably this largest in this list, but it is worth your time since this is probably also the lightest and most compact transitional stroller.  This is the only stroller in this list that can transition from carrying a carseat to being a stand alone stroller, and it only weighs seventeen pounds.

This easy to use stroller offers tons of storage underneath, and convenience trays and cupholders for both parent and child.  When you use this stroller with a rearfacing Graco carrier, you are able to put up both sun shades and nearly completely insulate your child from the elements, whether it be too cold or too sunny, and still have a peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your little one.

The Graco LiteRider is compatible with all Graco infant carriers, but only those carriers and not other brands.

UPPAbaby 2013 G-Lite Stroller

This is probably the most luxurious umbrella stroller you will find.  While it is a bit more expensive that other umbrella strollers, it has some unique features that help it to stand out against the competition.

The UPPAbaby 2013 G-Lite Stroller has a light weight and ergonomically-friendly design, making this a very easy stroller for parents to use for long periods of time.  It also has a very convenient feature, a stand, so when the stroller is folded up you can stand it upright, which is perfect for storage in a closet or off to the side.  It also comes with a five point harness system, a sun shade made of SPF 50 plus water resistant fabric, cup holders, and an easy to access storage area underneath the seat.  This little stroller has it all.

Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Stroller

If you have twins, you will be hard pressed to find a better and lighter twin stroller than the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Stroller.  This stroller has just about all of the features as the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller does, while also being a twin stroller, and while packing in a few extras, to boot.

This stroller is built for just about any weather condition, as it has dual sunshades and is made of a cool climate material.  The foamy seat cushions are even fold up for those really hot days when your little ones do not want the extra insulation.  But the real feature with this stroller has to be the fact that it is still an umbrella stroller.  With all of the benefits of a twin Jeep stroller, this is still a light weight, easy to fold up stroller that does not occupy a lot of space.

Delta City Street Side by Side Stroller

This is another twin umbrella stroller, and another great one at that.  This is similar to the Jeep twin stroller, but whereas that stroller packs on extra features, the Delta City stroller strives to be more minimal and elegant.

Make no mistake, this is a stylish stroller, and it comes with a lot of features of its own including a convenient removable cup holder and two hanging storage bags that are very helpful and handy when you have your hands full with the kids.

This is probably the ideal stroller if you are traveling with your twins since this stroller is so light weight, it folds up into such a compact shape when folded in, and more importantly, it does not even take up that much space when opened.  This stroller measures only twenty nine inches wide, so it is able to get through just about most doorways (most doors are thirty two to thirty six inches). This is a great minimal stroller.

Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

This is the classic umbrella stroller.  It is a very basic stroller, but it is perfect for what it does.  The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is light weight at just over seven pounds and folds away into basically nothing, making this the easiest stroller you can buy to travel with.  Make no mistake, although this is a minimal and basic stroller, it is still a great product and an even greater value.

The Cosco Umbrella Stroller feature a three point harness system, a canopy, and a foot rest for your child making it safe and comfortable, and it is convenient enough to go just about anywhere.  It also has brakes on the back wheels to keep it in place, as well as clips to hold the frame in place while folded.  This is one of the best, and most pure umbrella strollers you will find.

Cosco Umbria Stroller

This is another great stroller from Cosco.  While the Umbria stroller is not an umbrella stroller, it is the next closest thing.  This is very light weight stroller that is easy to fold into a compact and easy to carry form.  The only real difference between the Umbria stroller and a true umbrella stroller is that it only folds vertically, and not horizontally.

This allows the Umbria stroller to bolster some pretty nice features that you would not be able to find in an umbrella stroller.  The Umbria stroller has a broad, adjustable canopy which is fully removable, as well as a mesh basket under the stroller to help stow your belongings. It also features a tray in the stroller for the baby, as well as a mesh basket near the handles with a cup holder for the parents.

And when you are all done, the stroller folds up nicely and is easy to put away in your car or home.

So which umbrella stroller is right for me?

As you have seen, there is quite a range of umbrella strollers and umbrella-like strollers you can choose from, and each one is going to have its own benefits, so it really depends on what your wants and needs are.  If you have twins, obviously you would want to look at either the Jeep Wrangler Twin Sport All-Weather Stroller or the Delta City Street Side by Side Stroller.  If you need a stroller that is infant carrier compatible, then you should consider the Graco LiteRider Classic Connect Stroller or the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame.  Of course with those models you want to make sure you have the correct carrier car seat.  If you are looking for the convenience and portability of an umbrella stroller but want something extra like cup holders, storage, and finer materials, check out the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller or the The First Years Ignite Stroller as they are both quite an upgrade from the traditional umbrella stroller without sacrificing weight or convenience.  Then again, you can never go wrong with the classic, like the Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy.

Whichever stroller you choose to purchase, you should look for one that is light weight, safe, easy to use (do not overlook how easy or not it is to fold away your stroller) and ultimately has what you and your baby need.  You are sure to find a new level of convenience and freedom with your new umbrella stroller.

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Orbit Stroller System – Common Features

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Baby transport is essentially a safe way to ensure that babies have a smooth journey wherever they are being taken. Also, parents can carry their babies along with them and travel with them in the most comfortable, convenient and practical manner possible. Bassinets, car seats, strollers, carriages, etc. are some of the devices used for the baby’s comfort. The most common feature is a car seat. Its use begins right from the time the baby is taken home from the hospital. Bassinets and baskets are used when the baby is at home. Strollers are used when the baby is taken out for a walk in the park or simply to the supermarket.

There are some parents who would love to take their baby along with them when they are off on a jog but most of the times this is not possible and more or less parents sacrifice on their health and exercise routine once the baby is born. But with the Orbit stroller system, you won’t have to do that since you will be amazed at the standard of the Orbit stroller system and how well it adapts to all the different kinds of terrain.

Strollers are sold by a number of companies specializing in baby transport products and offer a variety of stroller systems depending on the requisites and the demands of each and every parent. Orbit Baby specializes in baby transport products and offers optimum starter kits that include everything a parent would require for their newborn. Orbit stroller systems usually include an infant car seat, a frame and a car seat base and can support children up to a weight of 13.6 Kilograms.

There are several companies and organizations that are extremely conscious about the materials they use and whether it is eco-friendly or not. Giving back to nature has become a very important part of the corporate world and the green initiative is taking off in a great way. The Orbit stroller system are conscious about these things and they make sure that all their strollers are eco-friendly and safe for use. The sturdiness of the Orbit stroller system is remarkable especially the orbit toddler stroller seat which is made with amazing fabric and strong frame too.

Orbit Stroller System: The Ideal Stroller

There are certain features that all strollers need to match up too to ensure that the stroller is at par with all the specifications and features stated. The Orbit stroller system is something that comes in innumerable designs and colors too which means you can choose any one based on your personal preference and choose to buy extra accessories if required for your Orbit stroller system. Here are some details on the different features and specifications of the Orbit stroller system.

• Orbit stroller system comes with a suspension that prevents a bumpy ride for the baby and ensures a smooth, comfortable transit. What’s even more convenient is that the frame can be folded for compact storage.

• Another advantage of systems such as Orbit Stroller Systems is that it comes with a UV sunshade and the dock can be rotated three hundred and sixty degrees on the stroller.

• Your baby can travel in style with a variety of colours to choose from the stroller system’s colour palette, ranging from black and slate, mocha and khaki to ruby and slate.

• Safety is guaranteed with a deep cradle design and protects against side impacts and sudden jerks.

• The fabric used in the stroller is organic and offers a blanket of comfort to your baby with soft organic cotton and at the same time offers preventive measures such flame deterrence and fire hazards.

• In case of a windy and moist climate or rainy conditions, the stroller also comes with a PVC free transparent rain shield.

The Orbit Stroller System comes with a two year limited warranty at the price of $940 with the car seat base sold separately. The design of each Orbit stroller system comes with a promise of durability, modular and safety. The best of material are used right from aerospace grade aluminium to high quality components in order to ensure dependability on the product’s durable design. Also, the Orbit stroller system can be modelled as per the surrounding the parent will be taking the baby into whether it’s for an outing at city or to airport terminals, just anywhere. Having passed a stringent test against regulatory standards baby transport like orbit stroller system is the practical choice for every parent.

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Orbit Stroller G3 System – Appropriate Way Of Taking Your Kid Outside

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Orbit Stroller G3 is a greater option for the individuals who want to take their kids to enjoy the nature ans the regular strolls. The Orbit stroller g3 is not for use as a status symbol, it is something that can be helpful in providing much comfort while taking the baby outside. There is possibility for the individuals to take their kids anywhere without any hassles if they are carrying a Orbit stroller g3. Understand the specifications, features and the use of any stroller before you think about purchasing it for your kid. Here are the details that are associated with the particular product for all the parents.

One of the most important factor in any baby stroller is how easy it is to carry it around. The orbit stroller system is a great stroller since it has a fold able feature which makes it easier to carry it wherever you want and whenever you want. The Orbit stroller g3 is a compact stroller and you can take it wherever you wish to, no matter what terrain it is.

A very important factor of a stroller is the safety feature. The Orbit stroller g3 has a latch feature that is unlike anything. Most of the orbit stroller system come with a superior quality of latch system that makes sure that the baby stays secure in it’s seat and won’t be hurt when the stroller jostles. But thanks to the orbit stroller system and it’s superior grip feature, there is very little jostling or jerks that you would experience and your baby would be fast asleep for all you know while in the Orbit stroller g3.

Orbit stroller G3 – Enhancements Compared To Other Orbit Stroller Systems

The orbit stroller g3 is a product that is something more brilliant than just the overall look of the product. The minute detail of the product can make us feel that Orbit stroller g3 is the product that is designed for providing maximum amount of convenience and comfort. Orbit Stroller G3 has got all the features included in it that made G2 a favourite choice of most of the Mom’s. Orbit stroller g3 has got an aluminium frame along with a seat that can recline using a lever and can be rotated in 360 degrees. The Orbit stroller g3 is made extremely comfortable with the push handles, the adjustable foot rest and also by harnessing the straps. The rubber foam wheels can provide the kids with a comfortable ride.

The added features of the Orbit stroller g3 include a special cup and food holder and even a shade to protect the baby from the sun and the heat. You can even get the shade and all the other accessories of the orbit stroller system separately rather than opting for the generic one. Either way you can be rest assured that the orbit stroller system is one of the best option out there in the market for your baby.

Enhancements In Orbit Stroller G3

The orbit stroller g3 has got certain enhancements compared to the previous version which is g2. The fabric that is used in the Orbit stroller g3 has got better breath-ability and the folding system can be handled with a single hand and is much improved. You can either choose a sunshade or a cargo basket for the Orbit stroller g3 as per your requirement. It can work in exceptional ways with the Orbit baby – car seat and can be converted to double stroller using the Helix plus – attachment. This stroller is perfect for the kids who weigh to about 50 pounds.

Highlighting Features Of Orbit Stroller G3

Orbit stroller g3 has got certain features that make it an appealing choice in the market. Orbit stroller system has got a fabric which is green, the fold is one handed and can be handled easily. The seat of the Orbit Stroller G3 is rotating in nature. The Orbit Stroller G3 has got hefty suspension that can help in providing smooth ride. The frame weighs about 16 pounds and the seat is 10 pounds.

Thing To Consider In Orbit Stroller G3

The various parts of the orbit stroller g3 are sold separately rather than as a single piece of product. It is really exciting to create a stroller with the features that you are interested in but make sure that the cost of the product is affordable after choosing all the components. Set a budget and choose the features for the orbit stroller system.

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Orbit G2 Stroller – Comforting Children Travel

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Children are the gift of God. As babies and toddlers cannot walk properly, Orbit has invented the Orbit G2 Stroller. The orbit g2 stroller is a kind of a perambulator with various other features added to it. Parents, guardians, nannies and others find it difficult to carry babies and infants from place to place, but with the invention of the orbit g2 stroller, lives of parents have become easier. It is an easy mode of traveling for the kids. The orbit g2 stroller has various features and characteristics. Orbit g2 stroller is smart, attractive and trendy. It has benefited the babies and the parents in many ways.

The orbit g2 stroller is a great stroller since it is ideal even for parents who are always traveling. The orbit g2 stroller is a great brand since they take care of all the safety features required in a baby stroller. The main feature of the orbit g2 stroller is the orbit g2 stroller seat and the sturdy body frame. The fabric of the orbit g2 stroller seat is made of high quality material and it is extremely soft which is crucial for the baby’s comfort.

Orbit G2 Stroller has a tough and strong hand rest installed, which can be adjusted with a knob. The Orbit G2 stroller rotates 360 degree. This helps to turn it to various sides. The Orbit G2 stroller provides the babies with a smooth and comfortable ride because it is shock proof due to proper and elevated suspension of the stroller. The Orbit G2 stroller has made it easy for the parents because it is foldable and adjustable by us. It has no weird car seat transcribers and comes along with diaper bags. This stroller is safe, cautionary and secure for the babies and meets the world environment standards.

The orbit g2 stroller provides us with a 3D rotation and fits in car trunks easily and comfortably. It has a sun proof attached to it which also gives UV protection. The Orbit G2 stroller has a long footrest and is very spacious. The straps inside the Orbit G2 stroller are comfortable and have a high elasticity. The fabric used for the orbit g2 stroller seat is of good quality and rainproof. The cloth used for making the orbit g2 stroller is washable and dries off quickly. Orbit g2 stroller is available in a wide number of models and colors. The wheels of the orbit g2 stroller are specially designed to put a brake to it automatically as and when required.

Orbit G2 Stroller System – Models

Before you buy any kind of baby stroller you have to ensure that it meets the safety standards and that it is not too bulky, which is why you need to research on these matters before you can find the perfect one for yourself. The best thing about the orbit g2 stroller is the fact that it meets all the safety standards and it is easy to maneuver which is why parents prefer the orbit g2 stroller over any other since it is reliable although a bit expensive when compared to other models.

Luv Lap- Sunshine Baby Light Green stroller

Luv Lap- Sunshine Orange Baby Stroller

Luv lap Baby Stroller Starshine Red

Luv Lap Baby Stroller Starshine Black

Graco Mirage Black Solo Stroller

Graco Mirage plus Stroller, Pepper Stripe

Sun baby Buggy cum Stroller

When you check for the sturdiness of the stroller you buy, you better check the base of the stroller since it is important that it is strong enough even for rough use. The orbit g2 stroller is perfect exactly for this reason since it’s base is made of strong aluminium tubing making it lightweight too. The orbit g2 stroller is an all-round perfect product for your baby since every little aspect and feature has been kept in mind so that the baby is both safe and comfortable for the baby.

The strollers are of various shapes, size and design. Mostly, the prices of these strollers are affordable. Expensive ones are also available. The strollers are found in the market, baby shop and can also be purchased online. These strollers are widely used by parents as they find it a convenient way to carry their children around. Those who have not purchased these orbit g2 stroller as of yet should definitely get one for their children. Orbit G2 Stroller and orbit stroller g3 have brought to the nurturers of babies a new form of travelling to comfort them.

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Orbit Double Stroller System – Paramount Baby Stroller From Orbit

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If you are one of those incredibly lucky parents who happen to be blessed with twins, it is obvious that you need a twin baby stroller every time you take your infants for a baby’s day out. And in case you have toddlers with minimal age gap, then you do not need to invest in two different strollers for each kid. However, finding the right type of stroller is a humongous task in itself, since you have to short-list selected few and then pick out the best one after comparing them. To solve all your worries and to save your time you otherwise spend in hunting for the right stroller, orbit double stroller is here as an answer to all your queries.

Preparing to welcome a baby into this world can be both exciting as well as nerve wrecking. Making sure that all the products and gadgets you use for your baby’s comfort is very important. The stroller is an important thing for your baby’s safety as well as comfort and the Orbit baby stroller is one of the best models in the market. The Orbit baby stroller is value for money since it is sturdy but at the same time it is easy to use for the parents.

The Orbit baby stroller is designed with sturdy metal and plastic and no matter what terrain you want to walk you child on, the Orbit baby stroller is ready for all the challenges. The Orbit baby stroller comes with added attachments and accessories that you can buy separately or skip it based on your references and needs. The Orbit baby stroller comes in several different models and styles to suit every parent’s preference.

Features Of Orbit Baby Stroller System

The orbit double stroller easily accommodates twin babies. You can also pick seats as per your preference as it is compatible with all other orbit accessories. An interesting feature peculiar to the orbit double stroller is that you get wheels that are equipped with patented shock absorbers. The QuadShock suspension gives a smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces. It also does not involve any hassles, as in the case of tires that need to be pumped at regular intervals. In addition to this, it contains a snack tray with a lid. There is a generous canopy for shading the babies from the sun which is greatly adjustable. The seats, too, can be adjusted and aligned in a variety of ways. The foot rests are adjustable in order to provide room for the growing toddler.

When it comes to buying strollers, parents look for types that guarantee functionality, safety and durability since most of the times baby stuff are used roughly and need to be taken care of. There are several different models of strollers that are multi-purpose. The Orbit baby stroller is one such brand that has several different functions in one single unit of stroller. The orbit double stroller is one such model that works amazingly and it offers great and effortless handling.

The orbit double stroller has been built very sturdily and has a manoeuvrable frame, that facilitates easy navigation even in crowded places. The body of the orbit double stroller looks appealing and has been stylized attractively. Orbit double stroller is made up of aluminium of highly durable quality, which in turn provides it strength. Orbit double stroller is also extremely lightweight and thus, easy to push around and control.

However, the best feature about the orbit double stroller is that the seats are facing each other, instead of being adjacent. This is extremely helpful as both the siblings keep interacting with each other throughout the strolling time. You are also free to use four different seats with the orbit double stroller including the infant car seat, stroller seat, the bassinet and the toddler car seat. Interestingly, it is also the world’s first stroller to use baby car seats that have been made up using eco-friendly fabrics.

In a nutshell, orbit double stroller is highly versatile and immensely adjustable to suit your requirements. The most crucial part, however, is the child’s safety followed by comfort and this Orbit baby stroller ensures both of these proficiently. Infants can lay comfortably in their seats in various postures. Thus, it is a practical, well-made and highly useful stroller made to serve many purposes. Another paramount product from orbit is orbit g2 stroller which has bundle of several features.

If planing to buy a stroller for your kid, opt for the orbit baby stroller and you won’t be disappointed.

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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller Review 2016

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The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller is one of the high-end strollers that most NYC parents use for their babies because of its bright colored, elegant looks. It is the most selected stroller for travel companionship in prominent families.

Ease of use

This stroller has a detachable, compact frame in which either the car seat or the bassinet can fit into. Its fabric is reversible, durable, and can be machine-washed unlike the fabrics of most strollers. The bassinet has a comfortable air-filled mattress that can be utilized as a cradle without the stroller.

The folding mechanism comprises of detaching the seat locks on the both sides, removing the seat, detaching the frame locks, twisting the handle downwards, and lifting the center crossbar up. The chassis does not have a frame lock once folded, and it does not stand on its own. Loading and unloading the stroller from the car trunk is very cumbersome because the chassis tends to unfold. You can remove the wheels for more space if you want to put it inside the car trunk. This is not the suitable stroller for parents who want to have quick travels because of its unmanageable state with the folding.

The storage basket must be watched out for when the chassis is folded because there is a possibility that the bag may not form into its proper position. The weight capacity of Bugaboo is 37.5 pounds to 40 pounds, which means that this stroller is no longer useful when the baby outgrows this stroller by its maximum weight capacity. The seat is narrow at 12.5 inches wide and short at 20 inches tall. The seat has reclining capability so that the child can have comfortable naps, however, the seat cannot be reclined to a full back lying position. This is where the bassinet is effective for newborns.

The Cameleon stroller has a canopy for protection against the sun’s harmful rays and rain. It does not have a peek-a-boo window, but the stroller is facing forward to the parent. There is no ventilation in the seat of the stroller. The storage bin underneath the seat is large and removeable that makes cleaning easy.


The stroller is easy to push on pavements with those small swivel wheels, but it gets stuck on rough terrains with gaps and gravel. The suspension of the swivel wheels are designed adjustable for a flawless ride as your baby gets heavier. Using both hands in maneuvering is a must.

The large rear wheels are foam-filled, engineered to be stable enough on snowy, sandy, woody or grassy terrains. Unfortunately, since the wheels are a bit wide because of its design, they can roll accidentally out of the stroller. But that only happens very rarely.

The handlebar can be switched so that the larger rear wheels can face forward. The smaller wheels can be locked, allowing the larger wheels to do the strolling.


Bugaboo stroller has secured brakes, and it is manufactured with low center of gravity. Most of the strollers have brakes on the wheels, which are called foot brakes or foot pedal. In this particular stroller, a handbrake is used located at the right side the handlebar. All you have to do is to push the brake and click it to lock. You are ensured that the stroller is secured because of the handbrake feature. In order to release the handbrake, just push the button on the side of the brake.

Its low-center-of-gravity feature enables the stroller to be steady, preventing it from tipping over. The five-point harness is durable and the shoulder straps are padded, but the buckle is a bit hard to operate.


Bugaboo stroller is made from a durable aluminum chassis, making the it very compact when folded. The fabric is made of canvas polyester. For the cleaning process, using a damp cloth on the chassis and wheels can suffice. The fabric can be machine-washable.

Weight/Folded Size

Cameleon 3 stroller is a medium sized stroller, and its weight is around 24 pounds.

In this best stroller review, if you want to get into the hype, Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller is the perfect fit for you, as you can attach and detach a bassinet or a car seat on its frame. However, for the parents who are looking for a stroller at a reasonable price and can accommodate newborn and older, this stroller is not recommended at all.

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Britax B-Ready Stroller Review 2016

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The Britax B-Ready has the capacity to accommodate two children, either newborns or children of all ages, and it is manufactured to transport a bassinet or a car seat simultaneously compared to other strollers.

Ease of use

B-Ready stroller is very heavy and bulky in size that makes loading very difficult. Its seat is higher than that of an ordinary, standard stroller, and it is made reversible to face the parent or forward. You can stroll two children at a time since it can hold on to a bassinet or a car seat at the same time. This stroller can be categorized as a tandem stroller because of its build to carry two passengers without affecting its width compared to a side-by-side stroller.

It has two folding steps using both hands and an automatic chassis lock. It can stand on its own and can be rolled down when folded. The unfolding mechanism takes in with two hands as well as with two quick steps.

This stroller has an adjustable canopy for protection against rain and sunshine, and a peek-a-boo window to provide view of their baby. The velcro from the back can be removed for low sun angles.

There is no child tray included, but there is only one cup holder at the side. The handlebar is adjustable, the buckle and strap have paddings, and the seats can be reclined to a full back lying position. It has a large storage bin, and two pockets located at the back of the seat.


Britax B-Ready is not comfortable when pushing because of the front wheels sticking out, making it difficult to turn in narrow places. It is heavy and unresponsive when pushing. However, it really does offer a smooth ride due to its foam-filled tires and four-point suspension, if turning is minimal.


The brakes are easy to operate with a one-step click, and they have an on/off indicator for the parents to be aware if the brakes are engaged or disengaged. The five-point harness and shoulder straps are well padded, but the buckle is a bit stiff required both hands to fix.


The frame is made of some heavy duty aluminum alloy that makes the stroller very compact.

Weight/Folded size

Its weight is around 29 pounds, making it heavy and bulky when folded.

In this best stroller review, if parents have children more than one, this is the right stroller since it can accommodate two children at the same time.

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