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Hand Mixers vs Stand Mixers

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Handheld mixers and stand mixers are both useful tools for baking and cooking. The biggest difference between them lies in the type of tasks and amount of volume they can handle. At first glance, both of these mixers may appear to perform the same duties. However, you actually need to decide which of these two appliances will best suit your needs and cooking style.

Once you have identified the certain factors that you need to consider when choosing between a hand mixer and a stand mixer, you can finally invest in something that you will never regret in the future.

Hand mixers vs. Stand mixers

When choosing between these two appliances, you have to make an informed decision based on the pros and cons of using them. As a general rule of thumb, you will eventually discover that a hand mixer is more convenient because it can handle the most tedious tasks. It is also more cost-effective because it is available in reasonable prices. However, hand mixers are not ideal for processing heavy and huge batches of dough so they are not your best bet if you love baking pastries and other heavenly desserts.

Although a stand mixer is slightly more expensive than a handheld mixer, it can actually provide you with greater convenience and flexibility. Stand mixers are very functional because they have additional accessories that will supplement their amazing features and capabilities. They are also made of stronger materials and their sturdy construction usually lasts longer than other kitchen appliances. Finally, they are perfect for handling heavier and bigger batches of dough so you can easily use them to bake tons of pies, brownies, pizzas, and other mouth-watering recipes.

Choosing between Stand mixer vs. Hand mixer?

When choosing between these kitchen appliances, you have to consider three important factors:

  • the available workspace in your kitchen,
  • the people you will be cooking for,
  • and they way you intend to use them.

Stand mixers are bulkier than handheld models so you have to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate them. Otherwise, you will probably need to go for a space-saving hand mixer. Next, ask yourself whom you will be baking for. If you only need to prepare pastries for a small group, portable models may be more suitable. However, if you usually serve homemade pastries during grand parties, a heavy-duty stand mixer will be best for you.

How often do you bake or mix ingredients? If you consider yourself as a heavy baker, you have to consider investing in a stand mixer. You can also leave them while they are forming the dough so you can easily attend to other things without any worry. Stand mixers are your best choice if you do not want to spend a lot of time in waiting the dough to form and making sure that all of your ingredients were mixed to a perfectly smooth consistency.


The Stand mixers and Hand mixer has its own advantages and disadvantages. It depend on you and your purpose to use, you’ll find out which one is best suited for.

Hopefully, this article supplied necessary information for Stand mixer vs. Hand mixer that is useful to you

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How To Knead Dough Using Stand Mixers

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Kneading the dough is essential because it affects the texture and appearance in the bread making process. This all too essential task need not to be a tough one. Kneading can be performed with the use of a kitchen stand mixer since this will ensure that your ingredients are well mixed and that the gluten is developed in the dough. This article will teach you how to knead dough using a stand mixer.

How To Knead Dough Using Stand MixersThe things you need include a dough hook, a large bowl, the bread dough recipe you chose and of course the stand mixer. The first and essential step is to prepare your bread dough. Measure the ingredients as according to the recipe you are following, this is usually comprised of the flour, sugar, salt and dry yeast.

Combine these ingredients and using a paddle attachment, mix them with warm water into the bowl of the stand mixer. Mix the ingredients together until the dough is smooth but not dry to the touch. Add some cups of flour gradually until the dough is soft and according to your recipes requirements. You will need some more floor added later on. For bread recipes, usually the amount of flour needed takes about four to six cups.

With the paddle attachment, set the mixer’s speed on low speed for about five minutes or until such time when the dough moves freely and pulls away from the sides of the mixer easily. It may normally take a while because the ingredients are wet and the result may look slightly lumpy. After a while, turn it off and replace the paddle attachment with the dough hook. Add the flour gradually and now mix it at low speed for two to six minutes. Do not overwork the dough by letting it mix for longer than six minutes.

When you’re done, set aside the dough and grease a large mixing bowl with shortening. You can also use olive oil in two tablespoons as an alternative. Take the dough that you have set aside, form the dough into a ball, place it back into the greased bowl, and make sure that all parts of the dough are well coated with the grease or the oil. After doing so, cover it with a towel and set it aside. Now you can wait for the dough to rise according to the time that was specified in your chosen recipe.

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Why you should get a Household Stand Mixer

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Having a household stand mixer is like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Whether you are a novice or a veteran in cooking, it is certainly one of the most helpful tools you can get in the kitchen.

Unlike the hand-held mixer, the stand mixer does not require you to control it while it operates. Like the name suggests it, the mixer can stand on its own. So it’s just like having another person to help you around your cooking. Do away with ancient beaters and get a fast meal prepared within minutes with a kitchen stand mixer.

Why you should get a Household Stand Mixer?

A kitchen stand mixer allows you to get on with other kitchen preparations while it does the job of mixing up ingredients for you. It is a lot more convenient than the hand-held mixers because you can actually set the kitchen stand mixer to operate and stop automatically according to the timer.

Just imagine the amount of help that this powerful household appliance can do. Not only does it save you the time, but it also saves you from the laborious effort of having to mix up thick food ingredients.

Tips on choose Good Stand Mixers

1. The Motor

When choosing a stand mixer, the first and most essential factor you should consider is the quality of the motor. Of course, you would have to choose a stand mixer with a powerful motor because you will rely on this appliance to thoroughly mix up the ingredients. You want to choose a model that has at least ten motor speeds available because different recipes require different consistencies.

2. The Bowl

Do not be fooled of a stand mixer’s attractive design; you would want to consider first the durability and functionality of the product before its appearance. Choose the stand mixer with a bowl that is large enough depending on most of the recipes you are likely to use it for. The standard size of the bowl is 5 quarts. Bowls can either be made of metal and glass but many cooks opt for the glass so they can also use it with the microwave.

See if the mixers actually do a great job in mixing. A good mixer should blend the ingredients in every section of the bowl to ensure that it has been thoroughly mixed. So, test the mixers to see how well they can perform the mixing.


Lastly, function should never be exchanged for price. A cheap stand mixer may look like a great deal at first but you will regret it once you find that the appliance is actually poor in quality. You must be willing to spend a little more money if you want to get a product that is of good quality.

Do check our full review of the KitchenAid Professional 600. It’s our top pick among the stand mixers that we have reviewed.

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KitchenAid Mixer Attachments and Accessories: Unleash your Stand Mixer’s full potential!

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If you’re a baking enthusiast, you would have heard of Kitchen Aid. Kitchen Aid is one of the leading brands of kitchen appliances, and with good reason – their kitchen appliances, such as their stand mixers, are known to be extremely durable and reliable. Indeed, many of us have come to associate stand mixers with Kitchen Aid; Kitchen Aid has become synonymous with reliable stand mixers.

However, what if we tell you that you’re under utilizing your stand mixer? What if we tell you that you can actually use your stand mixer to slice and shred vegetable, grind meat and strain fruits? Is it even possible? Well, you definitely can with the Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachment Pack!

The Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachment Pack contains 3 different attachments – the Food Grinder,the Slicer/Shredder and the Fruits & Vegetables Strainer.

Grind them all up with the Food Grinder!

KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers

KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers

The food grinder comes with 2 different types of grinding plates – fine and coarse. If you’re considering adding a dash of grounded meat to your dishes, you might want to use the fine grinding plates. You can also use them to grind meat as a pre-requisite for sausages.

However, the sausage stuffer attachment is not found in this Pack of Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments – you’ll have to purchase it separately.

Slice and dice, or shred them up!

KitchenAid RVSA Slicer/Shredder Attachment for Stand Mixers

KitchenAid RVSA Slicer/Shredder Attachment for Stand Mixers

Next up in the pack of Kitchen Aid Attachments is the slicer/shredder. This attachment comes with 4 different types of cones – a thick and thin slicing cone, and a thick and thin shredding cone.

The products of these cones are self-explanatory – you’ll get long slices of carrots if you use the slicing cone and well-diced carrot shreds when you use the shredding cones.

The slicer and shredder are especially useful if you’re thinking of making coleslaws or salads. Simply put the vegetable of your choice into the shredder/slicer, activate the attachment, and voila! You’ll get neatly sliced or shredded vegetable shreds. Now, isn’t that convenient!

Fruits and vegetable strainer – They don’t stand a chance

Fruits and vegetable strainer

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachment FVSFGA Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Set with Food Grinder

The last in the pack of this Kitchen Aid Mixer Accessories is the fruits and vegetables strainer. This strainer is ideal if you’re thinking of making jams – if you’re thinking of strawberry jams, simply place slices of strawberry into the feeding hole, and let your stand mixer do the work!

It can be used to make soup as well, such as tomato soups, or even be used to mash food up for your baby! The uses of these Kitchen Aid Accessories are limited by your creativity – if you think it can be mashed, the fruits and vegetable strainer will do it for you.


This is the reason why Kitchen Aid products are one of the leaders in the kitchen appliances market – they’re durable, reliable and versatile. With these Kitchen Aid attachments in place, your simple stand mixer is now a slicer, food grinder and fruits strainer, all in one unit!

With these attachments, you’ll be able to save precious space in your kitchen – you won’t have to buy a separate meat grinder or fruit strainer, because the  Mixer Attachment Pack already has it.

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Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer Is Best Suited for Me

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With a whisk and a dash of nutmeg you think your cooking pleasures are almost over with! Then you realize that you have to manage somehow to mix all of your ingredients in a bowl together. You do not know how to do that and are truly stumped on this notion. Without a thought to hesitiate you run to the phone and call your mom to find out her secret.


That is when she tells you about the KitchenAid stand mixers. She tells you they have three different types of KitchenAid stand mixers and recommends one to you. The three she told you about are the Classic variation, the Artisan series, and the professional get out of my way here I come series, but she left out some details about each one! What do you do now other than research them on your own.

While you will find a ton of information about each individual KitchenAid Stand Mixer you probably do not want to spend all day digging through all of the available information. I know that when I did a search for KitchenAid Stand Mixers that I found so many websites that I did not even know where to begin! So here is some information on each one of the KitchenAid Stand Mixers.

In a Baking Pinch? The KitchenAid Stand Mixer Can Help Out

Rest assured though you can find plenty of data on the KitchenAid stand mixers online and you may think this is just another article encouraging you to buy one. Which I would highly recommend that you do because they are the best mixer that I have come across!

Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer Is Best Suited for MeWithout my KitchenAid mixer my husband and family would not enjoy all the breads that I am making now rather than purchasing the bread at the store. Heck my KitchenAid Stand mixer is actually allowing me to make some bread for half the cost of a loaf at the store and I am getting three to four loaves at a time!

Imagine my savings each month coming from my KitchenAid stand mixer because I no longer have to purchase bread at 3 dollars a loaf! Now though you want to decide which one is right for you without wasting your money, which is a very valuable thing anymore.

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Classic Stand MixerThe first KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer that I will go over here is the Classic variation. This variation is exactly what it says Classic, because it will quickly become a classic piece of kitchen equipment that you will not beable to live without.

  • The Classic mixer has 250 watts and will allow you to choose from 10 different speeds to control your mixing speed and so you do not end up flinging dough across your home!
  • This is the smaller of the three mixers though with only a 4.5 quart bowl. That may not seem like a lot of room, but that is enough for 2 loaves of bread dough.

Most of the classics also includes three attachments as standard equipment the flat beater, wire whip, and the dough hook. All of those will allow you to get well on your way to finding your love of KitchenAid appliances.

The wire whip hook you will definitely find nice if you love making your own whip cream no longer have to buy the store stuff make your own! However, this will not handle some of your older grandmothers reciepes that call for a ton of stuff to be put into them. It will bog down tremendously to the point you might even smell it starting to burn up, but it is not you just have to be careful with this one with older receipes.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

The Artisan series of stand mixers will pretty much control any of your needs for baking. Unless you do a tremendous amount of old reciepe cooking. The Artisan that I have handles all of my reciepes that I have except my grandmothers brownie reciepe but that is over one hundred years old when they used hands to mix with.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

It does have a slightly larger capacity at a 5 quart bowl so you can make even more whip cream than before! It also has the added bonus of a splash shield which allows you to be able to pour in wet goods to your mixes while they are churning without spraying yourself in the face, which is quite embarrassing let me tell you that!

The motor is slightly bigger also at 325 watts so you can whip thru more reciepes than before. The attachments that you get in the mixer are the same as before, just a larger machine that works a lot better at taking care of all of your mixing needs.

Great Grand daddy Professional Series!

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand MixerThen you have the grand daddy of them all, the Professional series KitchenAid Stand Mixer. This mixer will make any cook in your family stand up and take notice of what you have. You can look at it and practically here it calling your name and shouting mix with me. That is how stunning this KitchenAid mixer is compared to the other ones. Never will you need to look back again and wish that you had a stand mixer. This mixer is capable of handling the toughest dough around.

  • The bowl is large enough that you can fit almost anything in it at 6 quarts.
  • The mixer also has an extremely powerful motor that will crank out at 575 watts.

The motor also has a direct drive transmission in it that is all steer gears! Can you hear the drag strip calling for the car back? The mixer also has an electric speed sensor for you to prevent you from over doing it and breaking it! This would be terrible and not good for you or your family because you would be out of a machine and your family would not be able to snack all winter and summer long on your fresh baked goods! By far this is the nicest KitchenAid stand mixer that you can find and would be well worth the long term investment.

Can it Be More Features!!!

Now the KitchenAid Stand Mixers does not have to limit you to only being used as a mixer for your desert mixes or your bread doughs, it can be used for much more.

 KitchenAid  Attachment

I know that the KitchenAid Stand mixers will typically have more attachments that can be used to make a wide variety of other items. I know that for my KitchenAid that I have a couple of the attachments for it and absolute love the fact that I can make even more than what I bought my KitchenAid Stand mixer for to begin with.

So I will be able to make a wide variety of pasta, stuff sausage, or even grind my own ground beef. All that can be done from my KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Choose the Right One for YOU!

Now that you have some background information on the KitchenAid Stand mixers you can make an informed decision when you purchase one. However, be careful in which ones you select (you shoud read my buying guide to choose Best Suited Stand Mixer at here) because you could end up making the same mistake I did and purchase one that does not suit your needs only to realize that you made a big money mistake and need to upgrade.

Review all the information on each one before making your choice and purchase a KitchenAid stand mixer and enjoy a lifetime of fine foods that you made from your own mixer.

  • I know that if you are going to do any type of baking that you are going to want to get a KitchenAid Stand mixer.
  • I know that they are the best that you can purchase for your mixing needs.
  • I know without my KitchenAid stand mixer I wouldn’t be able to make many of the fine deserts that I do today.

However, you will want to make sure you choose the right one the first time because they can be rather expensive to purchase several of! So trust me if you think that your going to be baking a lot do not make the mistake I did and get a small one, bite the bullet and purchase the big one first to save money in the long run!

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Common Questions and Answers about KitchenAid mixers

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Have questions about this awesome stand mixer from KitchenAid? You’re not alone! Here are the top 15 questions about this mixer and the answers!

  1. Q. – Where is the KitchenAid Mixer manufactured?
    A. It is manufactured in the USA
  2. Q. – Will this mixer work with the ice cream maker attachment?
    A. Yes it will.
  3. Q. – Does the head tilt back on this stand mixer?
    A. Yes it does.
  4. Q. – What attachments come with these stand mixers?
    A. Three attachments come with it – the dough hook, the whisk, and the flat beater.
  5. Q. – Does this mixer do a good job with bread and/or pizza dough?
    A. Yes, it does a really great job. If you were to knead your bread dough by hand it would take you about 30 minutes. With this stand mixer, it only takes about 6-7 minutes.
  6. Q. – What watt motor does these stand mixer have?
    A.  It depends on each model. These stand mixer has a series of power  from 250-watt (KitchenAid Classic) to 575-watt (KitchenAi Professional 600).
  7. Q. – How many speeds does these mixer have?
    A. 10 Speeds
  8. Q. – Is there a meat grinder attachment for this stand mixer?
    A. Yes there is.
  9. Q. – What about attachments like a food grinder, pasta maker, or sausage stuffer – does this stand mixer have these available?
    A. Yes, Yes, and Yes =)
  10. Q. – Is everything dishwasher safe?
    A. Most likely, yes – BUT it is recommended to only put the mixing bowl in the dishwasher and wash the attachments by hand for best results.
  11. Q. – What’s the main difference between the KitchenAid Artisan and the Professional stand mixers?
    A. The biggest difference is in the head. The head on the Artisan tilts back – on the professional, it does not tilt. However, the professional stand mixer has a bowl that raised up to the head when in use. This makes it easy to move the bowl and get to the attachments.
  12. Q. – How much does this stand mixer weigh?
    A. About 20 pounds or so. Very sturdy!
  13. Q. – Does this stand mixer do well with home-made biscuits?
    A. Oh yeah – it does great! Here’s a few tips to get best results…. Don’t over-fill the mixer bowl with flour and use only the dough hook attachment (on speed 2)
  14. Q. – Is this stand mixer very noisy?
    A. No, it’s actually pretty quiet for a mixer.
  15. Q – Where is the best place to buy a KitchenAid Stand Mixer?
    A. You should read buying guide at here.
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DIY: Kitchenaid Mixer Repair by yourself

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Have you ever imagined how disastrous it would be, when one fine morning your precious Kitchenaid Mixer refuses to turn on? The entire kitchen functioning will come to a halt and you will be browsing site after site, calling one service center after another, in search of quick and effective Kitchenaid  repair options! And when you realize that the cost of your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer repair would be almost as much as what you had paid for the mixer, you, like most people, would resort to purchasing a new Kitchen mixer and leave the old one with junk.

Kitchenaid Mixer RepairThe Kitchenaid Mixer is a home appliance brand from Whirlpool and this device literally rules over other countertop appliances, with its spectacular abilities of mixing, whisking, frosting, bonding and folding any kind of mixture which you would need in your day to day cooking. However, like any other kitchen appliance, the Kitchenaid Mixer too, cannot be labeled completely free of malfunction. With regular use, your Kitchenaid mixer may undergo wear and tear and may require replacement. Further, there may be various instances when your kitchen mixer would refuse to work and then, you would need urgent Kitchenaid Mixer repair strategies to resume your still kitchen.

Repairing a Kitchenaid Mixer on your own

No matter how well you do in repairing electrical components and kitchen appliances, a systematic and practical approach is inevitable when it comes to the Kitchenaid Mixer repair. First and foremost, you need to understand the cause of your Kitchenaid Mixer malfunction. Then you need to identify whether the error is mechanical or electrical, gather an idea about the possibility of repairing it yourself and finally get your hands on the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer repair work.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer RepairIf you have just bought a Kitchenaid Mixer, you might have noticed that along with this product comes a handy and useful Kitchenaid Mixer Repair manual. Often, people simply neglect this booklet and during times when they need a repair, the repair manual would be nowhere to be seen. The Kitchenaid Mixer repair manual actually contains authentic information on how a Kitchenaid mixer works and has product specific repair tips for all kinds of Kitchenaid Mixers, including the Kitchenaid classic, artisan and stand mixers. So, when in need to carry out a Kitchenaid Mixer repair on your own, try to find your Kitchenaid Mixer repair manual and follow the instructions given. This greatly helps to avoid the need to search for other Kitchenaid Mixer repair options.

Common Kitchenaid Mixer Repair issues & their solutions

Years of use indeed raise performance issues with electrical appliances and so does it happen with your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Thankfully, with simple troubleshooting tips and basic repair methods, most Kitchenaid Mixer problems can be tackled. Common Kitchenaid Mixer repair problems and their solutions are given below:

The Kitchenaid Mixer doesn’t power on:

If your Kitchenaid Mixer fails to power on or acts like a dead machine, the most probable cause behind it is a tripped circuit breaker. In this case, you do not have to split open the mixer or carry out any repair.

Simply make sure that the wire connections are in place and functioning and ensure that the mixer receives power supply. If there is no internal issue with the power connection, then chances are that the carbon brushes or wires aiding in powering on of the mixer may be broken or burned. Identify the faulty components and replace them. If all these steps fail to work, try the mixer troubleshooting tips listed in the Kitchenaid mixer repair manual.

Broken Worm gear inside the Mixer:

If the planetary of your Kitchenaid mixer fails to spin, then you can be sure that your mixer is undergoing one of the most commonly encountered Kitchenaid Mixer repair issues. A planetary that stays still often signals a broken gear inside the machine’s gearbox. The Worm Gear is usually the gear responsible for malfunction. To solve the issue and to get your Kitchenaid Mixer back into action, you need to replace the broken gear with a new one.

This process is quite simple and involves 5 major steps: Removing the external coverings and screws to expose the inside of the machine, wiping off the excess grease which sticks to the mixer gears, disengaging the gear from its mantle, removing the old worm gear and installing a new one, and finally, returning all screws and coverings back to their positions. New worm gears for your Kitchenaid mixer can be bought from an electrical appliances parts store, or from an online Kitchenaid mixer parts shop.

Grease leak:

Another one of the most common Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Repair issues is the problem of Grease leak. The Kitchenaid Mixer gearbox is covered with grease and many factors such as time, excessive use or machine overload can cause the grease to leak.

The only way to get rid of the grease leak problem is to open the machine, remove the old grease from the gearbox and pour new grease over it. This can be done easily without professional assistance and save the precious dollars which you would have otherwise spent on shuttling your mixer back and forth to the service center in the name of repair.

Speed adjustment issue:

At times, you might have noticed that your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer has trouble increasing or decreasing its speed. This speed adjustment issue with the Kitchenaid Mixer can be solved by adjusting certain screws on the mixer’s control board.

The mixer beater hits the bowl:

If your Kitchenaid mixer’s beater keeps clanking hard on the bowl, then you need to pay urgent attention and fix the problem, for this issue may cause serious wear and tear to your valuable appliance. Turning the beater’s height adjustment screw counterclockwise can help raise the beater and prevent it from hitting the bowl.


Whether you have been using a Kitchenaid Mixer since many years or have just bought a brand new Kitchenaid mixer, you might already be aware of the fact that every kitchen thrives on an efficient mixer.

So, if your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer has just broken down, do not worry. Simply identify your mixer’s issue and try your skills at the Kitchenaid mixer repair work.

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Some Tips to help you choose between a Hand or Stand Food Mixer

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So you’ve decided you want a Food Mixer? That’s great! The first problem though is which one to go for – a Hand Mixer or a Stand Mixer?!

It can be confusing with some many manufacturers, models and features to sift through, so let me help.

Below I’ve written a module on each type going through some of the pro’s and con’s of each – then underneath those I’ve even picked out what I think are the best of each type.

So read on and hopefully I’ll make your decision a little easier!

Pros and Cons of the Hand Mixer

Hand Mixers are smaller, lighter and easier to use than the Stand Mixers. They are also cheaper! Sounds pretty good so far huh? Well, before you go charging off to buy one just read on for a few more minutes to make sure it will be right for you.

OK, the main reason they’re smaller and lighter is that the motor inside it is also smaller and lighter. This means they’re really good for the smaller and lighter tasks (are you spotting a theme here yet) for which they’re really designed – these types of jobs would be beating eggs, whisking cream, mixing batter or mixing the lighter styles of cake mixtures. If these sound like the types of tasks you need a food mixer for then a Hand Mixer could well be for you.

BUT – please don’t get one and think “well, it’s a Food Mixer so it’ll be able to do everything any Food Mixer can do” – no it won’t.

Because the Hand Mixer’s motor is smaller it will struggle to deliver the necessary power for tackling the heavier jobs such as kneading bread doughs. In fact you may cause the motor damage by trying to use it for these tasks. Yes, I know that some of them come with Dough Hooks and the manufacturers claim that they can handle it just fine. This is of course only my opinion but that’s baloney (if I may borrow a phrase from our American cousins).

The Hand Mixer has 2 other potential downsides depending on you and what you want to use it for.

  • Firstly, you have to hold it (well, d’uh) but just think about that for a moment. If you’re getting a Food Mixer to save time, yes you may be able to mix the ingredients more quickly but you’re also stuck holding it while it’s working.
  • Secondly, if you like to cook large batches you may find the hand mixer is just too small so you end up making several smaller batches – that definitely isn’t saving you any time!

So to summarise my advice on Hand Mixers – if you want something for occasional use or light tasks then a Hand Mixer is fine. If you envisage yourself as the next Nigella or Mary Berry (I know which one I’d aim for!) then read on…..

The pros and cons of a Stand Mixer

Stand Mixers (unsurprisingly, if you’ve read the module above!) are bigger, heavier and a little more complicated to use than the Hand Helds. They are also more expensive.

The pros and cons of a Stand Mixer

But before you run for the hills, hear me out.

They’re bigger and heavier because their motor is bigger and more powerful. This means that they brilliant for the complete range of mixing jobs – from whipping the lightest of creams to kneading the heaviest doughs, these big boys will not let you down.

They also have 2 other distinct advantages;

  • Firstly, unlike Hand Mixers, you can leave them to do the job in hand on their own while you go off and do something else (get on with the next job if you’re very industrious, have a coffee and look over the latest Celeb Mag if you’re me). The ability to multi-task will really save you a load of time in the kitchen.
  • Secondly, if you get one from the right manufacturer you’ll be able to add a host of other accessories over the years that will turn your Food mixer into a Juicer, Grinder, Ice Cream Maker, Sausage Maker, Pasta Roller, oh I could go on but you get the point. For reference, in my experience Kenwood are best for accessories but KitchenAid are also very good.

I was tempted to add a third feature here because let’s face it some of the Stand Mixers do look lip-quiveringly good in your kitchen, with their glossy colours and retro chic designs. Suffice to say I completely understand the desire to have something that good looking in your kitchen, just be prepared to pay for it! If you’re not sure what I mean I’ve included a picture of the KitchenAid at the top of this module – stop drooling ladies please….

So which ones would I choose?

  • Hand Mixers

As I’ve already said above, I wouldn’t buy a Hand Mixer and expect it to tackle the heavy jobs, so for that reason I don’t see the need to go to the top of the scale – some of them cost over a $100!

For me I’d go for something with a motor of around 200W to 300W, which should be plenty. Probably the favourite one I’ve used is the Andrew James 300W Hand Mixer. If I can figure out the Amazon thingy below I’ll try and get a link to it (don’t hold your breath!). You should be able to get for around S30 to $50.

  • Stand Mixers

Now you’re talking my language and there are several I could pick out as favourites. However balancing versatility with cost I think the best all rounder is the Kenwood Chef Premier. It’s RRP is quite high but at the moment you can currently pick one up for around $250, which is stunning value.

However, if you want to choose for yourself I’d recommend starting with a comparison site that allows you to compare models from different manufacturers, like this one Food Mixers

Oops – Guess I Failed….

As predicted (at least by me) I couldn’t get the Amazon Module to work and show you my picks. In this my article, I won’t be hard on myself but any tips or pointers as to where I may have gone wrong will be gratefully received (be brutal, I can take it!).

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Review KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-watt 4-12-quart Stand Mixer

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One important aspect of the kitchen is making breads, cakes, and other recipes involving flour, eggs, dough, and some good amount of mixing. That’s why a stand mixer has become a very essential part of cooking.

For anyone who needs to mix, beat, and whip various types of food ingredients, life isn’t the same without the help of a stand mixer like the KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer. There is no doubt that making recipes and dishes will become a lot easier with the benefit of having a powerful machine like it.

What to Look For When Choosing a Mixer

Mixers have been used in the kitchen for so many years now, and there’s a reason for that. When preparing huge amounts of food, mixing ingredients like flour and eggs require a more efficient effort. Manual beating and mixing is only good for a small amount of dish or recipe. Electrically powered mixers on the other hand can significantly reduce preparation time while at the same time increasing the output.

In choosing the ideal stand mixer, there are certain factors to note. First and foremost, a stand mixer is a stationary machine built with a motor. It is used primarily for medium to heavy mixing tasks. The distinct feature is that you don’t have to hold the beaters when using it. Every brand differs in the kind of features and attachments they provide.

Price is certainly the most important factor when purchasing a stand mixer. Not all can afford the expensive and most powerful models but most of the time; a powerful motor isn’t really a necessity. Aside from the price, another important factor is the attachments. Majority of stand mixers including the KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer comes with standard add-ons for mixing, beating, kneading, and whipping. But what you should be looking for when you’re out to get one are the additional useful attachments which are not present in other brands. Finally, other relevant factors to consider are the locking mechanism, bowl size, and the weight of the machine.

Machine Features

This KitchenAid K45SS Classic stand mixer is very rich when it comes to product features. It is also the reason why it is one of the top sellers in the mixer product line from KitchenAid. Now let’s have a glance at some of these features:

10-Speed Mixer System

One of the most coveted stuff bakers and chefs long for is a mixer that can do multiple mixing speeds for varying preparations. With the 10-speed mixer system of this best stand mixer from KitchenAid, you are treated to ten different speeds for your personal mixing preference. With the perfect and ideal speed, you get the best possible result.

Planetary Mixing Action

This feature is one of the newest for several models and brands of stand mixers. This mechanism enables the machine to work in a way that the beater spins in one direction while at the same time the shaft moves in the separate direction, bearing a similarity with that of planetary motion. The result would be a perfect mixing motion minus the lumps.

Dishwasher Safe Attachments

You don’t have to wash the machine itself. What’s remarkable with this model is that most of the attachments included are dishwasher safe. It corresponds to lesser effort and time needed in cleaning up after a messy preparation and cooking procedure.

Three Handy Accessories

The three accessories that come with this machine are valuable add-ons with specific uses. First, the flat beater is best used for battering. The wire whip on the other hand is ideal for whipping egg whites and mayonnaise, and lastly, the dough hook is intended for mixing and kneading dough.

Spiral-Bound Guide with Instructions

What would you do with a stand mixer when you have no idea or guide on how to make use of it? One advantage of the KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer is the inclusion of a user-friendly guide with instructions. The guide includes recipes, techniques in cooking, and very valuable mixing tips.

Powerful 250-Watt Motor

There are many convenient and easy to operate stand mixers out there. However, only a few possess the power of a large 250-watt motor. The main advantage of a large motor is that it can consistently mix and beat large batches of ingredients, without the user worrying about getting a substandard output. It is even capable of mixing a maximum of eight cups of flour!

4-1/2-Quart Mixing Bowl

The mixing bowl is a very essential part of the stand mixer. It must be big enough to accommodate large amounts of food preparation. Made from brushed stainless steel, this mixing bowl for the KitchenAid K45SS can lodge a space for kneading dough enough for making two loaves of bread. Additionally, you can make two batches of cookies in one mixing.

What’s The Price?

The KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer is reasonably priced at around $200. You find search for this product in many websites online, including the official manufacturer site. There are also many online retailers that offer it in varying prices but don’t expect to get them cheaper. The most reasonable price package is in Amazon, since you get free super saver shipping in a discounted price.

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Is There a Warranty?

The KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer comes with a limited one-year warranty, courtesy of the product manufacturer.

What Past Customers Say About It?

Amazon is the most convincing and trustworthy online community where you can constructively judge a product’s reliability. The same site rates products it sells based primarily on what previous customers have to say about those products. As for this stand mixer from KitchenAid, Amazon gives it a general rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It indicates that it is well reviewed and received by majority of the people who bought it. Here are some of what they have to say:

  • “I never expected it to go beyond expectations but after a year of use, it’s actually all worth it.”
  • “KitchenAid mixers are incomparable to other brands. I had two of them before and will never think of getting another brand.”
  • “The white color for this machine is certainly very gorgeous to look at.”
  • “This one is a necessity for every kitchen lover. You need to believe me when I say that I have been using it for almost a decade and still no flaws or stalls.”
  • “My daughter convinced me to buy this mixer when she had it for herself. She said it’s powerful and can do any kind of mixing.”
  • “You can’t move it when it is already in place. That’s a good thing.”
  • “When you’re mixing, just leave it behind. You don’t have to work on anything, really.”

Any Complaints

Everyone will agree with me when I say that the most obvious downside of this stand mixer is its weight. Many customers confessed that they find it difficult to carry or transport it because it is relatively heavy compared to other mixers. While that can be true, I must say that the heaviness of this product actually means it is advantageous. It’s because it ensures that when you are mixing, it does not dance or slide. It stays in place and because of that, you get a rather stable experience in mixing and kneading.

Where To Find the KitchenAid K45SS Classic 250-Watt 4-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer?

If you’re interested in getting this KitchenAid exceptional product, you can go to Amazon. There are other options as well as such the product and manufacturer official website and other reliable online stores.

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Review Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-12-quart 12-speed Stand Mixer

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A stand mixer is always part of a chef’s dream. For every mixing, blending, batting, and kneading tasks, the best quality types like the Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer is the one you’ll certainly need for a perfect food preparation in the kitchen. Equipped with the kind of features you need, you definitely need not look for other brands of kitchen mixer out there.

Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-quart 12-speed Stand Mixer

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Colors: This Stand Mixer is available in 3 colors (brushed Chrome, White, Black)

What Are the Things to Look For in a Stand Mixer?

Stand mixers are the newest in the line of kitchen mixers that have helped chefs and cooks for many years. Unlike ordinary cooking and food preparation tools you find in the kitchen, the stand mixer is distinct because it can be used for various purposes and tasks. You can mix practically every ingredient in the mixing bowl attached to a stand mixer.

In finding what’s the best stand mixer for you, the most important thing to look at are the features. There are numerous brands that offer unique features but the question is – are they valuable? Are the features useful? The thing with most brands is that they try to trick the consumer in thinking that there are a variety of stuff one can do with the stand mixer when in fact, not all are really practical. So find a mixer that will give you features that can be sensibly utilized in the kitchen.

Next factor to look for in a stand mixer is the attachments. Remember that the one you choose must have important add-ons as well. These accessories will entitle you to perform other important food preparation tasks other than mixing. This includes kneading, beating, and whipping. And finally, the least talked about factor is the price. Even though we tend to have a mindset of buying the best stand mixer in the store, the most likely scenario would be that we usually end up purchasing a more inexpensive version. But the price really doesn’t matter that much if you know how to choose which among the many choices is the best and most practical. As of this time, the Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer may have the edge when it comes to combining quality and affordable price.

Product Features and Additions

800-Watt, 12-Speed Powerful Stand Mixer

This stand mixer is remarkable when it comes to power punch. With an 800-watt capacity, it is competent when it comes to mixing huge amounts of food and ingredients for bulk and large preparations. So this time around, you don’t need to measure ingredients and do it again for another batch. You can practically combine all in one mixing.

Tilt-Back Head

With the Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer tilt-back head feature, you get a more convenient position in mixing since the head of the machine securely locks and stabilizes the stand mixer into a raised angle, allowing a better and more stable access to the mixing bowl. Additionally, it allows a more efficient attachment of the accessories.

Slow Start Function

Another unique and distinct feature of this Cuisinart product is the slow start function. This comes very handy for anyone preparing a meal or recipe that has very delicate ingredients. With this functionality, you don’t have to worry about getting the frequent splatters you normally get from the standard and low-class stand mixer.

Fold Function

Aside from the slow start function, there’s also the fold feature function that lets you mix ingredients at the lowest possible speed. Additionally, you are given two frequencies of movement choices. First is you can continuously blend the ingredients while the second is called pulse – or to combine ingredients.

Triple Entente

The Cuisinart SM-55 5-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer is also equipped with the three most important accessories you need to have in any stand mixer – the chef’s whisk, mixing paddle, and a dough hook. Each add-on has a specific task to function to make every particular mixing task perfect and effective. The mixing paddle ensures perfect and flawless mixing, the whisk is intended to aerate ingredients, and the dough hook is for great kneading.

Multiple Power Outlets

With multiple power outlets, you can power and operate this stand mixer in various speeds ideal for a specific cooking and food processing task. The high speed power is highly recommended for blending and for the food processor attachment. The mid-speed power on the other hand is solely intended for the citrus juicer attachment and the slow speed outlet is for the large meat grinder and pasta-making attachment.

Auto Shutdown Function and Countdown Timer

Another notable feature is the 15-minute countdown timer and auto shutdown timer. Both features entail convenient operation for the machine. Now, you don’t have to linger and sit idle while waiting for mixing to finish up. With the countdown timer and shutoff function, you can do other things at the same time.

What is the Price?

With free shipping courtesy of the site, you get the Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer at a relatively worthy price of slightly above $250. This list price is quite a good deal for anyone looking for a top quality brand. You can find other sources online like retail stores and e-commerce sites but don’t expect to get the same price to that of

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Is There a Warranty?

With a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, you’re given the privilege to test the machine all you want and search for potential defects or damages. The long warranty entails that Cuisinart products are of good quality. Aside from the three-year manufacturer’s warranty, there is also a five-year motor warranty.

What Previous Customers Say About It

If you go to Amazon, you will see that the Cuisinart SM-55 5-1/2-Quart Stand Mixer is highly rated, based on what previous buyers and owners confess about it. It means that the product is really a good choice for those who opted for it as their mixing and blending assistant in the kitchen. Here are some of the customer feedbacks:

  • “The best thing about Cuisinart is that they provide better service and the warranties are longer than other brands.”
  • “There are no jitters, rattles, or signs of being unstable for this machine.”
  • “The performance of this machine is perfect and it’s a good thing to note that if the motor breaks down within five years, you still have the chance to have it replaced.”
  • “The slow start function is my favorite – it finally prevents me from dusting my kitchen with flour.”
  • “Most of the material used in this mixer is plastic, which is a good thing because it is significantly lighter compared to other metallic and steel stand mixers.”
  • “The SM-55 is the best stand mixer I’ve purchased and used with heavy doughs.”
  • “Good thing about this stand mixer is that the bowl will never jam on its stand and not only that, it is quite easy to remove.”

Are There Complaints?

I made some digging with regards to the negative things previous users have to say about the Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer and found little to none. Perhaps the most obvious disadvantage for a few customers is the plastic parts. This stand mixer is not like many other brands that don a complete steel and metal makeup. It is mainly wrapped in plastic. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not durable. In fact, it is more convenient and lighter to use because of its plastic makeup.

Where To Look for the Cuisinart SM-55 BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer?

There are two valuable options if you are looking to buy the SM-55 online. First, you can go to the official manufacturer website. The price is there, which is slightly higher when you opt for the Amazon. It really doesn’t matter where you purchase yours since you will get the same good quality product from both places. The choice is yours.

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