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Best Keurig Machine for Perfect Coffee

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Best Keurig Machine for Perfect Coffee

The best Keurig machine that comes in many models is an easy to use coffee maker for bring out all the flavor in your favorite coffee.

Knowing what you want in functionality and features will be the key factor in which Keurig machine is better for you.  So if flavor is your first criteria in selecting a coffee maker, then continue reading the great features and  functions the Keurig line has on the market today.

Each Keurig K model number represents various features different as to what each model offers in a coffee making.  There is the Keurig K75, Keurig K70, and the K60 that is popular with coffee drinkers.

One of the most popular and best Keurig machine that is seen in homes and the work place is the Keurig K75 Platinum.  This small appliance catches your attention with its elegant design.  Particularly, when the machines is on, the bright blue LCD light highlights the bottom of the 72 ounce water reservoir and the background of the control panel.  The body comes in platinum, mocha, or midnight black.

The Keurig K75 Single Cup Coffee Maker – Platinum can be used in the home or work place and is simple to use.  It has five cup size options ranging from 8 to 12 oz., which is the widest range for brewing.  The top three buttons is a chrome-like finish that includes an on/off button in the center.  Once the machine is on, you push the left or right buttons for the cup size you want.  The left button moves cup image in the display to the left for the smaller cup sizes and the right button moves the cup image display to the right for the larger cups sizes.

This premium model is considered the best Keurig machine and brews a perfect single cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage using k-cups by touching the center button after selecting your cup size.

The following are more features that the Keurig K75 offers:

  • Single-cup brewing system for your home
  • Brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage
  • Full spectrum of features including Auto On/Off,
  • Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature Control and the “Set Your Favorite Cup Size” (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz. and 12 oz. option). 72 oz.
  • Removable water reservoir holds up to ten cups before refilling and the removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning and the use of travel mugs
  • An elegant, award-winning design that has an unique footprint among Keurig’s line of home brewing systems and
  • At initial set up, once the machine is filled with water, it will take approximately 4-minutes for the water will be heated
  • During the heating period the red light next to HEATING on the LED Control Center will become illuminated. Once the water is heated, the red light will turn off and the Small Mug Button will flash
  • Press the Small Mug Button to start a cleansing brew
  • Pour the hot water into the sink. The brewer may take 15 seconds to reheat water between brews during which time the red light next to HEATING on the LED Control Center may be illuminated
  • When the water has heated, the red light will turn off
  • The one-time set-up process is now complete and you are ready to brew

Best Keurig Machine, the Keurig K70 Compared to K75

Another best Keurig machine, the K70 Single Cup Coffee Maker, brews within a one minute.  When compared to the K75, it’s technology is similar.  The difference is the following:

  • Brews in 5 cup sizes
  • 60 oz. removable water reservoir and a removable drip tray that can be used for space for travel mugs to be filled with coffee. 

Best Keurig Machine, the Keurig K60 Compared to the K75 and K70

In comparison of the best Keurig machine that is less expensive than the K75 and K70, the K60 offers the features below.  Although the K60 brews only three cup sizes, you can make 6, 8, and 10 ounce cup of hot beverage.  Notice the difference in the number of ounces in the water reservoir capacity.

  • Brews in 3 cup sizes
  • 48-ounce removable water reservoir and a removable drip tray
  • 2-hour automatic shut-off

So depending on the best Keurig machine that offers the features you want, the number of cups of coffee you drink daily should be one of the criteria in deciding which brewing system you prefer for brewing your coffee blends.

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How Does The Espresso Machine Extracts Coffee Flavor?

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Extracting Flavor from the Espresso Machine

You love your espresso but have you ever stopped to think about the process that goes into making it? The word espresso is actually Italian for coffee. When the firstespresso machine was made it was intended for making coffee. Over time, it revolutionized into what it is today. Espresso is actually coffee that is made under very high pressure. To make an espresso, you have to pass very hot water (192-203 degrees) over finely ground espresso beans. The water pressure is 130 pounds. It is the pressure which makes the water very hot.

Operating An Espresso Machine to Extract Flavor

Espresso machines come in three categories, manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The manual one requires the barista, which is the person controlling the espresso machine, to manual pull a lever in order to push the water over the grounds. The semi-automatic requires the barista to start and stop the water using an electronic switch. The automatic, as you may imagine, gets the job done automatically. The baristas job is to set up the shots and the press a switch to get the espresso out.
When the hot water comes into contact with the grounds the right amount of solubles is extracted. Because the water is passed so fast some of the bitterness is left behind. This means that espressos have less caffeine than other coffee drinks. The hot water also forces about 10% more oils in the grounds to be extracted. It is these oils that give the espresso its body, smoothness and aroma.

Tips to Getting Great Taste from the Espresso Machine

If you own an espresso machine you may find that you get your espresso wrong from time to time. There are several things you can do to improve them:
Always use espresso beans. There are many people who substitute coffee beans for espresso beans. If you want a perfect espresso you must use espresso beans. They are roasted for longer and to extract more flavor than regular coffee beans.
The best espressos are made from freshly ground espresso beans. Overcome the temptation to make more than you need for one use. The longer the grounds are exposed to the air the more they lose their aroma. Instead, grind just what you need and keep the rest as beans.
Try and make your espresso shot in less than 10 seconds. This should include the creamer. If you take longer than that the constituent parts may not come together.
Use these tips to get a perfect espresso every time.
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What Are the Advantages of Using a Drip Coffee Maker?

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The Debate in Using a Drip Coffee Maker

The debate has been going on for years: which is better, a drip coffee maker or a French press coffee maker? Most people seem to favor the drip coffee maker. The way it works is easy you put water in a tank (usually at the back of the maker) and then wet a filter, put grounds into it, place it in the coffee maker and hit the button. You will have a cup of coffee in less than 5 minutes. This is what gives a drip coffee maker an edge over a French press. People also love the fact that coffee always has the perfect temperature, the flow of water is regulated and the grounds are strained just right.

Drip Coffee Maker Price Range

There are many different brands of  drip coffee maker machines that cater to different needs. Prices can be anything from $15 to $300. At this range you will easily get a coffee maker that makes 10 cups in one go which is more than most people need.
There is a feature in most drip coffee maker machines that a lot of people appreciate the timer. It allows you to make your coffee without actually being there. If you want a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, for instance, all you have to do is put your grounds in, put the water in the back and set the time that you want your machine to start brewing. You will not have to wait for your cup of coffee to brew the next morning because it will be ready when you get up.
What is the difference in taste between coffee made using a drip coffee machine and a French press? Many people who have tested both will agree that coffee from a French press tastes better and it is easy to see why. With it, the grounds are gently coaxed over and over again until all the aroma is extracted. There is the danger that you can overpress the grounds and end up with bitter coffee. The taste from a French press is not that much better but it is definitely an improvement. Many people are willing to sacrifice this for a cup of coffee that is almost instant and that comes at just the right temperature.

The Best Drip Coffee Maker

Which are some of the best drip coffee maker machines in the market?
With so many brands of the best drip coffee maker  machines available this is an important question to ask. Leading websites seem to agree that there are some brands that are superior. Keurig seems to take the lead. They have a great range of coffee makers which are liked for their speed and quality of coffee. If you decide to buy this one you should know that you can only use their coffee grounds. Don’t let that discourage you.  Some of them comes with a solofill (coffee filter) to use for your favorite coffee grounds.   Also, Keurig has more than 170 flavors that you can choose from. Other leading brands include Mr. Coffee, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart and Bonavita.
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Popularity of Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Despite the Keurig single cup coffee maker being a bit more expensive than most other coffee makers in the market, Keurig coffee makers continue to be very popular and for good reason: they are hard to beat. It is estimated that 2.5 million cups of Keurig coffee are brewed every day. What makes them so popular is the fact that they meet 3 essential needs that most coffee lovers are looking for:
The first is speed. Most people want to get their coffee on the go. With Keurig, you will have a cup of hot, roasty brew in under a minute. That said, you should know that not all models deliver at this speed the Mini B30 takes a bit longer than other models.
Most people like kitchen appliances that require minimal cleaning. With Keurig you don’t have to worry about cleaning grounds and filters. They are contained in the bottom of the cup so all you need to do is detach the base and toss it in the dustbin.
The makers of this machine limit you to their coffee grounds but that is not a bad thing at all: they give you almost 200 varieties that you can choose from. This is way more than other coffee makers offer.
Who would be best served by a Keurig coffee maker?
This single cup coffee maker is great for anyone who takes coffee but it comes recommended for certain people:

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker Offers Varied Tastes

If there are people with varied taste when it comes to coffee. Take an office situation for instance where people like their coffee in different ways. Some may want decaf, others may like their coffee light and most may want regular. The Keurig single cup coffee maker is designed in such a way that it can meet all these needs with no trouble at all.
If you are new to coffee this machine is excellent for you because of how easy it is to use. In just a few steps you will have your coffee ready. Other machines require some learning because you have to handle pods.
There is one caveat when it comes to Keurig: do NOT buy it if you like to have your coffee frothy. If you want cappuccinos and lattes then you should buy some other brand that can make those.

Other Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker Machines

The Keurig single cup coffee maker, K60/K65 model has a removable drip tray allowing easy cleaning and designed for travel mugs for on the go use.  Here are more product details on this single serve coffee maker:
•Uses with patented K-cups
•One-touch control panel that has a blue backlight LCD display, programmable on/off, and digital clock
•3 brew-size options (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.) with an adjustable brew temperature and removable drip tray
•Removable 60-ounce water reservoir that holds up to eight cups of water with a descale indicator and is dishwasher-safe

How to Use the Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker, the K60/K65 Model

Once the Keurig single cup coffee maker is filled with water, it will take about 4 minutes for the water to heat up.  After the water is heated the red light next to the LED control center will light up.  The red light will turn off and the small mug button will flash.  Just press the small mug button to start a cleansing brew.  Pour the hot water into the sink.  the brewer may take 15 seconds to  reheat water between brews during which time the red light next to heating on the LED control center may be illuminated.  When the water has heated, the red light will turn off.  The one-time set-up process is now complete and you are ready to brew.

The Keurig K60/K65 includes a bonus of 12-count K-cup variety pack and a water filter kit.

Keurig K450: This model sells quite well. It delivers all the things that Keurig is liked for but it comes with lots of additional features. It offers pulse brewing which makes brewing a strong coffee very easy. You can brew K cups, Vue packs and the new coffee carafes. That said, it has some drawbacks, the first being that you cannot control the brewing temperature. In addition to that, you cannot use any other Keurig cups in this brewer other than the ones designed for this model only.

 Keurig B31 Mini
This is also a very popular model. The only thing that makes it different from other models by this company is the fact that you have to add water. It is easy to overlook this when you take into account that you can brew 3 sizes of cups, it detects when a cup is full and shuts off and it is also very quiet.
Give yourself a gift today buy a Keurig single cup coffee maker!
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Espresso Beverages Continue to Soar in Global Popularity

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Extracting the Right Espresso Flavor

The espresso is a beacon of excellence in the coffee industry. With millions of loyal fans and drinkers, this amazing beverage continues to soar in global popularity. Like café latte and café au lait, espresso is an acquired taste that was previously relegated to trendy coffeehouses and artsy establishments. Over the years, however, more people began to venture into Italian coffees and international flavors. The result is an ongoing trend of captivating and delicious espresso for countless consumers. For those pressed for time, espresso machines are available at leading department stores and beverage shops. You can also buy premium grade espresso beans, along with grinders and other coffee accessories.

The magic of this popular beverage is in its espresso beans. The great flavor comes from beans that are carefully harvested and selected. They are then slightly roasted to preserve their natural odor and essence. To effectively extract and harness the flavor, however, boiling water soaks these finely ground espresso beans. While under pressure within espresso machines, the coffee comes out much thicker than other favorites. In fact, the espresso serves as a base for cappuccino, café latte, café mocha, and other special coffees. There is also more caffeine in espresso; however, the serving sizes are usually smaller. This helps drinkers moderate their caffeine intake, as well as the creamy foam that accentuates the taste.

Modern Espresso Machines

Espresso machines and espresso beans are available at fine coffee establishments. You can also purchase these units at leading department stores and outlets. Whether you want traditional or contemporary designs, these machines are designed to effectively match any home or office décor. They also have several new features, including touch based pressure and water monitors. With the holiday season up on, these machines simply make great gifts.

Recent Espresso Popularity

The coffee craze did see dwindling numbers a few years ago. This was due to an influx of power energy drinks that simply dominated the market. During this downtime, however, the espresso still remained as popular as ever. In fact, global production and sales increased by nearly 46% in early 2013. This led to resurgence in popularity among young hipsters and social media followers. Espresso also found its way to many national and international franchises and establishments. While traditional in nature, this soothing drink can be modified or enhanced to meet an array of taste buds. In fact, cinnamon is still popular on the creamy foam, as well as meringue and even chocolate chips. To really enjoy the allure and essence of this Italian favorite, however, you should simply drink it as is.

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Comparing Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker to Find the Best of Them All

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Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker


There are a number of Keurig single cup coffee maker out there, and any one of them could be what youre looking for. These vary from the single cup coffee maker types to those that can make more. Heres a comparison of a few different Keurig machines.
Keurig K350 Brewing System
This coffee maker can handle both the 6 k and the 4 k-carafe packs. It has a water filter handle and cartridge as well. The maker is able to make many different types of coffee including the Green Mountain Coffee blends from Breakfast Blend, to French Vanilla, to Regular and French Roast. It can also make the half dozen types of 6 K-cup packs as well. The system is able to create 9 different brew sizes from 4 to 30 ounces. It has a 60 ounce water reservoir and it has the automatic off system so that you dont have to carefully watch it while it brews. You get a touch display here too.

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker, Keurig Mini Plus

This Keurig single cup coffee maker  is a smaller device that works only on the K-cup packs. You only get 3 different brew sizes, and the range is only 6 to 10 ounces.  You have to add water for each cup though, but the automatic off feature is definitely still there.
This system also has the K-Carafe and the K-Cup options. It can brew the 9 different sizes and it has the full range of volumes up to 30 ounces. The water reservoir here is a bit larger at 70 ounces. You can actually make it come on automatically as well as turn off automatically, so thats an advantage over the other system at K350 for sure. You have a touch display thats actually color coded to make things easier, which is another advantage for sure.
The Keurig single cup coffee maker system even has a customizable clock as well, so that you can schedule when the coffee maker comes on automatically. Theres a favorite settings button you can push to make the coffee come out just the way you want and in the manner you want without having to do a lot of tinkering around with all of the different settings.
The main advantage here is the fact that you can schedule coffee to happen exactly the way you want it to happen with just a button or two, and you can make it happen in the morning right around when you would normally wake up.

 Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker, K550

This Keurig single cup coffee maker system has many of the same systems as the K450 but goes much further which is what makes it the best of the lot. It can brew K-cup and K-Carafe, for example, but instead of only being able to brew 9 sizes, it can brew 10, all the way up to 30 ounces. Instead of the 70 ounces for a water tank, it has 80. The system can turn on or off automatically of course, and it has the color display, except the K550 display is considerably larger which makes it easier to identify and use all of the different features.
Additionally, the system can even automatically brew the K-Carafe pack which normally takes a lot more special setting up in order to work out. You can use custom settings for wallpaper in the system, and make the night light look the way that you want. It has the special clock as well as a feature that gives you hot water exactly when you want it without having to wait around a lot.
Overall, the Keurig single cup coffee maker K550 is the best.
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