Weight Training for Weight Loss

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Someone wanna tell me how this is the same woman in both pics? The “before” has a large red tattoo on her right upper arm; this tattoo would have grown with weight loss, not shrunk away. It could be her (it certainly looks like her and she #$%$ her head to the side the same way), but it could also be a sister.

True inspiration! Congrats to Steph and all her hard work. It is hard to believe she currently wieghs 180 ish. There is no possible way!
She looks fabulous! and quite radiant and healthy.
I wish her all the best to maintain her healthy living.

I was hoping I would read at least one that it was done by hard work. Again, surgery, it is not weight loss. It is surgery. Good for her and I am glad. But report it as it is.

it’s nice to hear from someone who doesnt love their fat body and does something about it instead of telling themselves they are ok when they are morbidly obese.

Okay, I quit smoking a few months back. I eat approximately 300-350 cal for breakfast, 100 for a mid morn snack (fruit), 250-300 for lunch. and probably 500 at dinner. I’ve started walking briskly for a mile a day. I gained 12 pounds and I’ve lost NONE of it. Anybody? Oh, I am 5 ‘4″ and while not “obese” I have never weighed this much.

Great Job! you look so much healthier and I bet you get to have fun and do more things with your children, which is what you wanted most. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

People who say they can’t lose weight or it’s hard are just lazy people. Anyone can do it. You don’t need a chef. You don’t need a trainer. You need to get off your butt….stop eating three meals in a sitting and work!!

Sounds like she wasn’t hurting financially for all the nip/tucks she ending up having. Imaging the thousands of $$ that was her food bill prior to doing this lifestyle change..

Nice job. What I’ve found is that you have to make exercise as important as having dinner, picking up the kids or sleeping. It has to become a part of your life. The benefits are amazing!!!

Sorry, girl, but your tattoos are so f’n ugly, weight loss doesn’t help. It just makes people want to grab a washcloth and soap and start scrubbing the dirt – uh, tats – off. Ugh.

WAY TO GO!!! You look awesome and more importantly I bet you feel and are far more healthy and happy!! Keep it up, your wonderfully awesome young lady!!

She looks good at 175 pounds but guess her height makes the difference. When I weighed that much I looked like a blimp, but I am 5’6″ and that was about 10 years ago. Now I stay from 120 to 125, because my eating habits have changed, walk a lot and gave up dieting a long time ago.

Where did the tat go on the new body? It’s a wrap around on the arm and should still be showing? So…different people?

BEST way to lose weight: Be younger (20’s or 30’s – like ALL the people in the TV diet ads); (FOR FEMALES: have a baby and then breastfeed.) BEST way to look good (after say: 40-45?): Have good genes; have parents who looked good when THEY were older. OTHERWISE: Face it – you are SCREWED and will end-up fat and ugly like the rest of us!!!

she’s absolutely right about the diet stuff…….i’m in my mid-sixties and lost about 100 lbs over the course of a year, thee years ago…..its still off and i feel decades younger……..smaller portions and exercise……that’s the ‘secret’……..and stay out of fast food joints

If that is really her then how the flip did her tattoos change?
She has one large tattoo on the upper arm, then when she turns skinny it 100% disappears? Then she gets new tattoos? I find this a bit odd…she didn’t have it laser removed did she?

If you look at the before picture there is a large tattoo on her upper right arm , in the after picture the tattoo is not there , we would see the end of end at least it was a large tattoo, but its not there so don’t think it is the same person.

Do what works for you. I’m intermittent fasting. She didn’t. I don’t have to use a food scale and she does. And I sure as heck don’t use a fitbit. But again whatever works for you.

No more than 5 grams of sat fat … you’ll lose weight, don’t even have to exercise, I track mine on MyFitnessPal, which is free.

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Workout Routines for Weight Loss

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Congratulations! Get a Nutribullet. It’s not for weight loss, per se, but the weight just comes off. You’ll find that you crave more clean foods. Good job, Stephanie. :)

My name is Henrietta I am 5’2 and 360lbs and every inch of it is beautiful! She looks MUCH better on the left picture so curvy and beautiful. This article is extremely offensive and my triggering is intensifying just by looking at it. I didn’t bother reading it but I KNOW it is full of fat shaming . All you skinny #$%$ need to go on a bulk so you can be curvy like me. That is true beauty.

Hiring a trainer is the biggest waste of money ever. Are you really dumb enough to over pay someone to tell you to do push ups? Super setting isnt some great revelation i need to pay for to find out. There are lots of workout routines that give good effect on weight loss.

So i guess Yahoo feels the need to pat ppl on the back weekly for simply righting a wrong. I don’t need daily stories about how ppl used diet and exercise, like its some revelation, to lose weight. Congratulating ppl for losing weight is like high fiving somebody for paying back child suppoWhy all the body art ?? ( tattoos ) It calls attention to her obsession with her body. How will she shed that in 20 years when the tattoos turn into blobs of ink features?

Congratulations. however whats so unique about her story? Did I miss something here? She got on a diet,simply monitored what she ate and exercised. The story was going to be about how she drank a special tonic daily and did cycle of certain exercise challenges.

Life style is still the biggest asset to weight loss. If you surround yourself with people who are active, you will be more active.
Where I use to work, I would sweat everyday, and lift, bend, stoop, etc. This was the best work out anyone could get. I could eat Pizza, Cheese Fries, Chug Soda all day and still have a lean muscular physical body.

Is it really so hard to believe that simply eating healthy food, and less of it, backed up with a simple exercise regiment will cause your weight to go down and fat to disappear?

When you look at the smiling faces, the pure joy in the lives of our 3 giants. You will see JESUS at work, you will see him in their lives- I want what they have- do not- you also. This is so simple people, so easy. Fallow after Jesus, look up people. He wants you also to be with him, there is no difference between them and us, none except we need to know him as they do. To know JESUS loves us all and is waiting to bless us also, no matter what you are facing right now, it matters not people. JESUS IS THE REASON for a joy unspeakable in our lives, the blessings are his and he wants to hand them to us all. SEEK HIM and find him, he is waiting for you to turn around.

It all sounds good but she spent quite a lot of money too. not even counting the tummy tuck which was probably covered by insurance because of how unhealthy it is to have all that excess skin hanginSpent money? Other than the tummy tuck what did she spend money on that everyone doesn’t already spend money on? Healthy food a good scale oh no $20 a fit bit $100. Let’s talk about what she saved by eating less, eating out less, not needing medications to be healthy.

.actually she may have spent a lot. she said she joined ww, she said she used a few apps and she said she did the px90 , she said she joined a gym and hired a trainer, she said she used a fitbit and the body media armband. So while it all worked for her it was incredibly expensive the way she did it. And no where does she mention having a job outside her home. She is inspiring that’s for sure!! but not sure how many people are in her league financially.agreed. CDF…her money, right? Actually a very small investment for long term health. @AnnieC it costs less money to not buy junk food and soft drinks, ok? There are many very reasonably costs gyms available and the PT may have been short term. Surgery costs? Her money. It does not take money to eat better and exercise. Good grief.

When I say she spent a lot of money, it was a remark based on the fact that she didn’t just start eating right and exercise, to lose all that weight. She joined gyms, she bought equipment and hired trainers … so when people who want to lose weight read articles like this- they just see thephoto, big fat girl/small slim girl.
for Honesty ..a Reminder: she spent money .. it isn’t just eating sensibly and exercising. That would work too.

Best way to loose fat is to eat high fat foods (good fats from nuts, avocados, olives, cheese, etc) in smaller portions several times throughout the day. Forget low fat, you’ll starve and be miserable all day and pretty soon, you’ll break and eat a box of Twinkies… or ten.We have 3 giants who spread the hope of JESUS to us all, because we matter to JESUS and to them= Pastor Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen and family and Nick Vujicic. Nick has a brand new movie in the making= HEARTS OF MEN, let us help him with this great undertaking that he is doing for us all. We are so blessed People to be in this day and age with the voices that bring about such joy to us all- we do matter and are never a lone, never ever a lone. Look up people, JESUS is looking at you right now. Jesus love for us all has no limits, none.

Hey fat girls! Do what she did! Please!!!!
Sincerely, attractive single guy wishing there were more attractive, healthy single girls in the USA.

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Bikram Yoga Weight Loss

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Smoke a bowl and go for a walk. Need to lose more weight? Walk farther. Need to tone? Do some push ups.
Most of a quality life comes down to two equations:
Hand + food = body type
– and –
Calories in minus BMR minus calories burned. If negative, you will lose weight. My trick with this one is to never eat less than my BMR, thus avoiding a starving feeling. If my BMR is 1,800, I will eat 2,000 calories and then walk 7 miles, calculating 100 calories per mile. So, 2,000 – 1,800 – 700 = -500 or 1/7th of a pound. 1 week = 1 pound lost.

The obesity rate is lower among cannabis users vs. non-users. Yahoo won’t let me post the link. Google it.

What an inspiration and wonderful example you are to your children and others struggling with weight loss. You are proof that hard work and dedication pay off in the end.

She looks great but it’s still proof that you can’t diet away stupid with all the hideous tats on her arms…

I applaud this woman and her weight loss, but as usual, she’s not a working Mom..”I drop my kids off at school and head to the gym”, she stated. Man, I would love to do that, but unfortunately, I’m the Mom who works 60 hours a week and attending online school, so when I find time “for me”, which never occurs, I’m usually exhausted and fall asleep in a living room chair. Yeah, I’m complaining because I’m tired and resent those who spout it’s so easy! When someone shows me how to shove more hours in a day, so I can go to the gym and workout, then give me a call!!!

boo hoo, wallow in your self pity. I get up at 5 am and work out. My health isn’t dependent on being jealous or complaining about other women’s career choices.

I’m a working mom too, and a single mom, but it can be done. I get up at 5:30 so I can workout every morning before work. When I get back from the gym it’s a quick shower, make breakfast and pack lunches, and off to work & school we go. I’ve found that making my own breakfast (usually a smoothie) and lunch the night before (salad or leftovers) frees up more time in the morning and then I’m not so frazzled. It’s hard to get up early but once my body got used to it, I now wake up early automatically and I always feel so much better if I’ve gotten my workout in for the day than if I decide to skip it. I know there’s no way I would have time to hit the gym after work, and after dinner & dishes are done I have no motivation so first thing in the morning works best for me.

Good for you! You did not make excuses, you went out and worked your #$%$ off! Keep it up! Fitness is a lifestyle, not some stylistic program designed to exist for a finite amount of time.

Why is it every time someone loses weight, Yahoo must plaster them all over the site ? What about the people who are putting one weight ? Why is Yahoo leaving them out ? Kinda of prejudice, wouldn’t you say, Yahoo ?

Amazing that someone can lose that much weight. I cannot imagine how hard that would be. I am trying to lose 10 pounds and am struggling. Great job!!!

Julius is right.Stephanie is a stay at home mom with enough time and money to hire a trainer. Good for her, but really what else does she have to do besides clean her house and pick the kids up from school?

So avoid all the crazy diets, but go through all the crazy surgeries instead?

That is really great. However, I am guessing she is pretty well off financially, as not everyone can drop that kind of weight and then go have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

1500 calories? You’re starving yourself, so of course the weight has come off, but it’s not sustainable long-term.

“…between 1,500 and 2,200 calories, but it depends on how much activity I do on any given day.”
That’s absolutely sustainable. The problem that most people have is that we’ve completely lost the concept of what a portion actually is.

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She had surgery end of story I stoped reading and just to think she was doing good so far, on to the next story.

Kudos to Stephanie, finally a story worth reading. This is the most sensible advice I have seen in a long time. Notice the keys: lifestyle change, exercise, healthy eating, self awareness and most importantly hard work. This takes time and commitment but anyone can do it!

Great job! And what a life: money for cosmetic surgery, freedom to drop off kids at school and go to the gym instead of a job, a personal trainer and Disneyland. Charmed life – live it up, girl!

She will be branded a traitor and shamed for not embracing the “fat acceptance” movement by the lazy fatties that push this unhealthy agenda.
Good for her for making the choice to be healthy.

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Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss

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I think the thing is, people don’t understand what “proper diet” actually means. They don’t realize no human should ever be “full, Stuffed, ready to burst” after they eat. They don’t realize that feeling a little hungry is NOT going to kill you, you can wait a bit to eat and just have a handful of fresh fruits or veggies to tide you over. Then exercise, they think they have to make time to go to the gym and do some insane P90X work out when they cannot walk up the stairs without getting winded. They don’t seem to get that for many, just making it a point to move or dance, or take a brief walk would do them wonders. And they feel like #$%$ because they have horrible diets, probably malnourished (most obese people are malnourished), have no energy and they feel “sick” they just don’t know their body is feeling this way because it is sick and it is its way of telling you so, so they just make excuses that they can’t or don’t feel up to it, or simply ashamed or embarrassed.
And here is a big one, just stop drinking cokes, diet cokes, coke zero….ALLL of these are UNHEALTHY! There is no such thing as a healthy COKE!!!! To those that say “But it has 0 calories, guess what it sucks the energy right out of your body and dehydrates your already dehydrated body and makes you feel sicker. Stop drinking calories and you will be shocked how much weight you will lose by just deciding to NOT drink any type of Coke or diet cokes! I like breakfast smoothies for weight loss.

There are a few things that ACTUALLY work, and I’ll list them. All are effective, some faster and less safe than others, but all work.
Safest: MORE EXERCISE, BETTER PORTIONS! This is simple and the safest. No matter what, when you burn more calories than you take in, you lose weight.
Ketogenic Diet: Cutting carbs/sugars and replacing them with fatty foods (bacon, etc.)
Juicing for 28 days (typical weight loss when on a juice-only diet is around 27 pounds).
Anavar (Anabolic steroid for cutting, not bulking)
Adderall (and other stimulants)

You lost me after more exercise and better portions. Let’s hope no one follows your advice.

I am an OT. I have a masters, had to take many physiology classes. I’d love to have a debate where you could prove what I said wrong. Go ahead and start.


Thomas, a lot of what you are suggesting could never be done long term – ketone diet for example. There will be health issues with that – a fact that you seem to not want to know about. I do not care if you are an OT, a lot of your “advice” is truly stupid. The only good thing in your comment is: more exercise, smaller portions (not larger portions) of good healthy foods, preferably a clean eating diet. Anything else is dumb and fad. So, take your OT degree and stick it where the sun don’t shine -lol. It always amazes me how some people try to throw their theories around without considering the effects of certain diets.

Yes Never. I have taken it before (legally) and it KILLED my appetite. Hated it. With that stuff people can drop 30 lbs in no time. Not the healthiest thing on Earth to do, though.

people who are fat and then loose the fat..ok. People who are fat and when loose the fat making big deal out of it are pathetic. Ohhh look at meee I’m not fat anymore!! No it is not inspiring. Inspiring are the parents who teach the kids good nutrition and keep them away from all the junk out there no matter how hard it is. Breakfast smoothies are very delicious.

Who has the energy to do PX90? I bought a copy 5 years ago thinking it wouldn’t be that hard…and it liked to have killed me! Another thing is..who watched her kids while she did all that insane stuff? And who has money to join a gym–let alone then pay for a private trainer? Who has money to pay to eat expensive Weight Watcher meals? Just walk as much as you can and drink plenty of water and you will shed the pounds. If you can afford a gym then you are better off spending that money on Kick Boxing/Cardio classes! You will instantly start seeing both results AND an automatic change in your diet!

I think she worked out while they were at school. I work so don’t have that time.

She watched her kids by herself and golds gym is only 10 bucks a month. You also don’t think it was hard for her to do p90x? I don’t see where you’re getting at with this post. She did what worked for her and her schedule.

Cap’n – you could just get up an hour earlier and do the exercise before kids get up for school. Also, an hour is not required – studies have shown you get the best return on exercise with just 25 mins of elevated heart rate. After that the return drops tremendously. Use your time most effectively. I eat breadfast smoothies everyday.

She looks fantastic! Hope she keeps the weight off. It sounds like a really hard life to live though. I probably have only ever needed to lose 5 or 10 lbs maximum to feel happy about my weight so I can’t imagine how difficult a process it is to have to watch every single morsel, day in day out . Lifestyle is a HUGE problem. One’s NATURAL activities should be able to keep one within reasonable weight. I think some persons just love food more than others. I admire people who can stick to a diet and exercise regime because I definitely could not. If I am walking it must be to the store or to visit someone or for some reason other than just having to walk to maintain weight. That makes it more purposeful.

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Can Stress Cause Weight Loss

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K, so true. I’ve even lost friends due to how their lifestyle was. When you change as a person, sometimes the friends change as well. But in the end, you’ll make other friends and be a healthier person for it.

Good for her for dropping the weight. I’m also 6’0″ and I went from 255 lbs down to my current 170 lbs over the course of a couple years. At 35, I’m a little embarrassed to say that it’s my greatest accomplishment so far.
I do have a couple problems with the story :
1. Her after picture is photoshopped. At 6′ 180 lbs, you’re not going to have a flat belly unless your jacked.
2. The article is titled Avoid Crazy Diets, but she claims that she eats a “clean” 1500 to 2200 cals per day. I also eat a clean 1800 caloies per day (meats/veggies only) and my diet is considered CRAZY by most overweight people who know me.
3. She’s eating more calories than she says… especially if she’s doing a daily high intensity cardio routine.
4. Why is tightening up your diet considered crazy, but spending hours a week at the gym and bootcamp grinding on your body not considered crazy? Tightening up the diet is much more effective and sustainable than a chronic cardio routine. Is she going to be doing boot camp in her 60’s? What are the chances of eventually suffering an injury that stops her from doing cardio?
The secret formula to weight loss is as follows:
-Eat 99% meat/veggies
-Get adequate sleep
-Lift heavy weight once per week (chest press, leg press, and deadlift if you want abs). Put an emphasis on safety and moving slowly.
-make long, leisurly walking a hobby
-Stop doing cardio – Weight lifting in the appropriate way will provide you with outstanding cardio conditioning. Cardio increases your hunger and blurs the line on how much fuel you NEED to operate.

BTW the article did state that she did get a tummy tuck to get rid of extra skin.

It’s not photoshopped however I did have a spray tan the day before haha

Anyone beside me think the ‘fit’ photo looks completely fake? I mean the tattoo on her wrist is in the wrong spot and looks to have shrunk, and her wrap around tattoo is missing? And she altered her eyes they look way different, I mean congrats if its really you, or you really lost the weight, but that picture looks really fake.

It’s not photoshopped. My midsection is smaller because I had the excess skin removed.

Good for this lady. Interesting comments. However I am guessing this woman had no issues like thyroid or adrenal. It just isn’t that simple for every one because I do eat right and I joined a gym a year and a half ago and guess what? Nope haven’t lost weight. I weigh and measure and track and never go without my fit bit. I have been to several weight loss doctors and 2 trainers. I am so glad every one here just knows.

Work harder. You can go to all the Drs. & trainers you want but they can’t do the work for you.

You’re making excuses. No matter what problems someone has there is always a way to gain control of your weight. You mentioned you joined a gym? How hard did you train? If your not focused on burning more calories than your taking in you will never lose weight. I was told I had a thyroidproblem but managed to lose over 100 pound and have kept it off for over 5 years.

Join a gym a year and half ago and haven’t lost weight? BS. Either you’re still stuffing your face or you haven’t been working out. Can stree cause weight loss?

My question to, Stephanie Drew is, why did you let yourself get fat in the first place? Too many people use a variety of reasons for their obesity, except the one that is the truth. They’d rather get fat, than NOT eat the food that makes them fat. So, there in lies their answer. I got stree and lose my weight.

She lost me at tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Not inspiring at all.

Calories in vs calories burned is the key to losing weight! If your eating more than you burn then you will never lose it! She will regain most of this weight as she will not be able to sustain her lifestyle of working out and dieting forever. Sadly that’s just statistics… 95% regain weight with 65% regaining all they lost and more! I think it better to enjoy life than live a life of denying yourself pleasures… we’re all going to die someday… some of us will die much happier than others…

It is so much more than calories in vs. calories out and that has been scientifically proven. A calorie is not a calorie and is a poor way of measuring our food’s energy units. Your body reacts to 1000 calories of some sugary desert differently than it does a 1000 calorie clean, balanced meal. Your bodies metabolism responds differently. Your energy level responds differently. Your body’s messaging center responds differently. Your body’s insulin triggers respond differently, hence your body’s response for fat storage. The amount of water you drink can increase the amount of calories you burn in a day. Obesity is not skyrocketing because we are taking in well balanced, whole foods as we did decades ago. Obesity, among other health issues, is skyrocketing because of our diet rich in engineered, chemically processed, highly refined, sugar laden diets. Food’s engineered to addict us and cause our normal messaging systems to fault, such as those signaling satiation. The type of fuel you feed your body is far more important than the volume. Fix the quality first and your body will likely begin to function normally fixing any quantity issues naturally.

Proper diet and adequate exercise, why do people not understand this? Everybody is looking for some magic bullet that the “stars” use or some easy way to lose a pound.
Eat right and exercise. Period!

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Top Weight Loss Programs

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you have to have a scale. By using the method of approximating the amount of food (a cup is the size of your fist, etc) you can under estimate what you eat by a lot. The same goes for using a measuring cup. Get a scale, look up the calorie content by gram or ounce and you will be shocked at how little 3 ounces of meat is, but how much 3 ounces of salad is.

Who notices her weight loss w/ all those nasty tatts? They take away from everything nice!

Is she just advertising a bunch of stuff???? But either way, I have used a lot of the things she mentioned like fitbit and fitnesspal which I love because it does help. I’ve also done p90x and another called T25 which is the same trainer as Insanity. Those are really good work out videos that can be done at home.. They helped me get in shape…

why do fat chicks ALWAYS get tats… do they thing that makes them hot??? It only draws attention to their fatness and most tats on women look more like scar tissue than sexy or beautiful anyways so what is the point.

So, let me see if I understand this…
Wealthy and fat lady with nothing to occupy her day with decides to lose weight. She buys into an expensive weight loss program to lose some weight. Then she spends hours a day exercising and weighing her food intake and counting calories . After a while, she hires a personal trainer and buys an expensive work-out program and follows that to lose even more. Since she doesn’t have to work (or apparently take care of her children) she joins a fat camp and then writes an article to tell us how everyone can do it since none of the rest of us have to work or take care of other responsibilities.
Yeah. I think that just about sums it up.

I was thinking the same thing! The premise is no “gimmicks” to losing weight, and then proceeds with…gimmicks. If she wants to say she didn’t need the lap-band surgery, fine, but both need exercise and the inevitable “food watch/calories.” Both can re-gain the weight if the exercise and calorie count aren’t watched.
Still requires a change in how the mind approaches food.

Come on, folks. She worked HARD. And do you know her personal finances? Don’t assume that because she was able to work with a personal trainer and have a tummy tuck she didn’t scrimp and save for those luxuries.


I’ve lost 40lbs. I’ve been an overeater my whole life and I’ve rarely exercised. Losing 40lbs has changed my life. I was always tired, got headaches, had HORRENDOUS heart burn, and never felt motivated. It only took 20lbs to change that. In fact, it only took a few weeks of beingdiligent to change how I felt and make the whole process a lot easier. I’m working on the last few pounds right now and I actually like it! I never thought I’d like eating mushrooms, onions, strawberries etc. I never thought I could exercise more than 15 minutes at a shot. Now I regularly kill 10 miles in a day and I eat like a champion without feeling hungry. This woman is absolutely correct. Skip those stupid shake diets etc. Watch your calories. Keep it to 1300 or less. Exercise if you can. Now, if you can combine a low calorie diet with either a sugar free diet or Atkins…wow can you lose weight. I wasn’t able to do that, but my coworker did and he lost 100lbs in 3 months without exercising very much. Insane. Anyway, if you have to pay for the diet it probably is just a fad. Weight Watchers was good because their system is essentially calorie based with some factoring for a few other things like fiber which really helps. Good luck!

“Don’t get discouraged” but you have to have money for a personal trainer and plastic surgery. :-/

What is the point of this article? The majority of us cannot afford surgeries, gyms and personal trainers. The real story would be if she had found a way to lose weight without those things. Anyone could drop that weight if they had those tools available to them. She may have worked hard, but she is not special.

Anyone can lose weight if they count their calories and stay below maintenance level. You don’t even need to exercise, just keep the intake lower than your body needs, and it will start burning fat.

Why on earth should we be impressed with this? Do it right from the beginning and never allow yourself to be 320. She is not impressive, she is an embarrassment. Let’s see her in another 5 or 10 years. She will be back at 3 bills.

People are just hopeless sometimes when it comes to losing weight. Everybody wants that silver bullet that gets them to lose 30 pounds in two weeks without giving anything up.
I have news for you, it is impossible. Losing weight and getting healthy (and staying healthy) requires a lifestyle change. A person must change EVERYTHING about them; what they eat. what they drink, their activities, who they hang out with, and how they sleep.
Too many, however, refuse to be honest with themselves and for that the diet inventors thank you.

Very true words! Its easy to get caught up in the diet crazes because of the quick drop in weight but not only do these things cost money they don’t last. It’s hard to get one’s mindset changed to understand how diet and exercise are all it really comes down to. It’s also hard to make a commitment to change for life! I’ve definitely been there and tried so many diets. I’ve lost weight on many but gained it all back within months. My mind finally clicked to understand I’m not losing weight for an event but for life so just eat better and increase my activity. I might have lost weight slower but it stuck!

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Natural Weight Loss Remedies

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Finally, an honest representation of how to lose weight, the right way! Nice job Stephanie! Way to go!

Stories like this really motivate me to be successful. I gained a lot of weight after having thyroid cancer, and it is hard to lose because I am balanced by medication. What worries me is the extra skin I will have, and to know that I can’t afford surgery to have it removed terrifies me.image

Good for her, but tattooing has got to be the ugliest thing a person can do to their body. Besides certain piercings of course. You know the loops the size of pipes making a worm hole to the next galaxy. DO not taint your body with ugliness because you think it’s cool or can’t remember amemory so you slap it on your body like someone else gives 2 cents. Good for her on the weight loss though.

I can live with someone who has one or two small obscure ones, but when you start looking like the tattooed snake lady (aka circus freak) it’s just downright nasty looking and unsanitary (injecting that much ink into your bloodstream).

I disagree. Judging another person is the ugliest thing a person can do.

Congratulations Stephanie! Keep up the hard work and chasing after those babies!!

Congrats on the weight loss! Sadly, tomorrow Yahoo will post some random #$%$ about fad diets again.

I’ll be honest, I think she’s more attractive on the left picture than the right.
Not that it matters of course, I don’t think she lost all that weight to care about what some random stranger thinks on Yahoo.

How can you think the left looks better?? What are you afraid of, fit girls??

The biggest diet killer is trusting the scales when it comes to fat loss. Example: I indulged in ham recently on my low carb diet and gained 10 pounds in two days. After two days of cutting back on sodium and carbs and increasing water intake, the 10 pounds is gone and my diet is back on track . Go with how your clothing feels (or measurements) and ignore the scales except for monthly weighing. They can be extremely deceptive.

Good for her! I’ve been working on losing weight on my own with diet and exercise and am down 62 pounds since January. I have many more pounds to go and it’s inspiring to hear about others who did it without crazy products, pills, shots, etc. Keep it up Stephanie, you are inspiring.

I’m enjoying all these daily articles lately about stunning weight loss due to exercise and good diet. I’m amazed that is the answer. Too much work. Where’s the Hydroxycut so I can eat my Hydroxies.

I’ve lost over 60 lbs myself with the magic formula of calories out calories in. No more, no less.
Works every time.

I love these people who say “just work out and change your lifestyle”. Really?? I work all week, have only 3 hours in the evening before I go to bed, still have to cook, clean, grocery shop, laundry, etc.. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean it’s just as easy for others.

She weighs 175lbs? She looks a lot less than that. But in any case – congratulations!!

I’ve been Vegan for over 15 years and am into bodybuilding, fitness and am friends with several dietitians. Most eat the same old American foods that are unhealthy. So many healthy and good tasting foods most overlook.

Good for you? I’m into casually lifting weights and I eat meats and vegetables. Everything in moderation.

my only question is does this woman work full time or is she a stay at home mother?? joining a gym and doing all of that stuff takes time and my wife would like to lose the weight she gained from the birth of our child but she doesn’t have time to go to a gym everyday and work full time and still be a mother. what are suggestions for those women???

That’s a great success story. I’m just curious to know if she’s planning to have more babies. If she is, she should probably have waited for the surgeries, because there will be more stretching going on with more babies. But I understand her need to feel good about herself and not want to wait on the tummy tuck and breast lift.

Good for this lady! I am currently in the process of dropping a few pounds myself and I have found it tough. But I am taking the simple approach with better diet and more exercise. Granted I don’t have to lose hundreds of pounds

Thank you for posting this article! That Body building website is awesome!

you have to have a scale. By using the method of approximating the amount of food (a cup is the size of your fist, etc) you can under estimate what you eat by a lot. The same goes for using a measuring cup. Get a scale, look up the calorie content by gram or ounce and you will be shocked at how little 3 ounces of meat is, but how much 3 ounces of salad is.

Who notices her weight loss w/ all those nasty tatts? They take away from everything nice!

Woohoo, another person who ate herself into hyperobesity, gets to tell us how she lost weight. Did any of these people ever think of what they ate, portion control, exercise, etc., before or while they got fat? And then she gets cosmetic surgery that she could have avoided had she not allowedherself to get fat.
Kudos to her for a lifestyle change, but frankly, I think the people who should really be applauded are the ones who have always exercised and eaten right.

Yes. Let’s stop hearing “great” stories about addicts kicking their habits or drop outs going back to school and getting a degree. Where’s the stories about the perfect people? Where’s the reward for the flawless? Unfortunately stories like that are super boring. If there had been an article to read about a 30 year old woman that has been healthy all her life you would not have read it. It’s human interest. Humans enjoy break through stories no matter how fat she got. Good for her. I think her story is encouraging. Good for you for going to the gym and eating right all along.

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What is the Best Weight Loss Program

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The paleo diet is a bunch of garbage for the hipster d-bags. You can eat all that stuff and still be healthy.

I don’t think paleo is as bad as some people think, but you do need whole, complex grains. You should really look into breaking down your macronutrients (fats, proteins, and carbs). Mix this with weight resistance and cardio, and you’ll really start to see a difference.

I know the story is about her weight loss, I get that. However I am old school, and I find a woman covered in tattoos, (very) unattractive, and (very) undesirable.

Your story is inspiring and also discouraging. I have had to lose a fraction of the weight in Stephanie’s case but have put in a similar effort to hers to do this. Frankly it takes more time and effort than is reasonable. It doesn’t seem that more than a small percentage of those needing it will be able to put in this kind of effort. How can we create a program that everyone can follow?

Here is what I can’t stand about these stories. Now, its great in all that these people lost so much weight that they prove that the average person was never suppose to look like the donuts they ate, but what if you only want to loose five or six pounds. I was never overweight, I use to be far more active but my job is a killer when it comes to exercise and eating healthy. I gained a few pounds before I figure out a way balance healthy eating with a purely sedentary job, but now I want to dump the few pounds I gained which is nearly impossible because I am already so close to my ideal weight. Its easy when you have a few hundred pounds to loose because any sort of diet and exercise combination will help, but when you are in my shoes when you are only looking to can a five pound gut, you can run and bike all day long and still get nowhere.

Another attractive girl with terrible, randomly placed tats. Get one nice one and call it a day.

I just can’t get the will power. I eat right exercise but then I lose control when I let my emotions get to me and everything goes down hill. I want to be fit, I want to be healthy but it’s my stupid head that gets in the way. Ugh!

Don’t give up, and don’t be too hard on yourself! You’ll get there. :)

Why go through all of that and then ruin your body with tattoos? Tattoos=severe emotional issues.

To me that is every bit as unhealthy as the weight. All that ink in the bloodstream is a recipe for disaster.

Yall have some serious problems. Tattoos=severe emotional issues? Yea ok. some people have scars and that is there way of expressing them selves. I am perfectly healthy and no issues. I have tattoos and they are beautiful. What is the best weight loss program?

Congrats to you Stephanie. I am on my journey, trying to lose 80 lbs. So far I am down 8 lbs after almost a month, that is the most I have ever lost. Myfitnesspal is definitely a big help. I’ve been tracking my meals this entire time and it helps me to see what works for my body and what doesn’t. Taking it one day at a time.


Best part of this inspiring article is that she realize that you HAVE to change your life style for good!! Stop dieting and have a way of life that will allow you to keep things balanced!

So, she lost a ton of weight but gained some hideous tattoos!

No kidding. All health benefits have been negated by all that ink she injected into her bloodstream.

JR, are you really that stupid?? Tattoos go under the skin, not into the bloodstream

good advice, though I am skeptical of her exercise regimen as it may pertain to most people. Walking 5 miles per day would take several hours. IMHO, exercise is for conditioning but does not contribute that much to weight loss. Most workouts consume a few hundred calories, which is about 10 % of a person’s daily expenditure from just breathing. I don’t understand the attractions of junk food and find it very satisfying to subsist on vegetables, fruit, salad and lean meat with almost no limit on quantity. I want to try the best weight loss program.

I lost weight on exercise alone – walking about three miles every day. If you spend more calories in movement than you take in via food, you will lose weight. BTW, my three mile walk took about 30 minutes. I walk fast; that’s what makes it exercise for me. I don’t know why you think 5 miles would take several hours.

Well, Sue, because I do it. People typically walk at a speed of 2.5 mph. Now, if you increase that, it becomes “speed walking” or “jogging”…a different thing altogether. But yes, if you burn more than you consume, you will lose weight. My point is that most exercise sessions of an hour or less burn only a few hundred calories (sure younger cross fit fanatics can do more) and one bowl of cereal will account for that. There are lots of weigh loss program to choose.

Thank you sooooo much for being so honest. It’s your honesty with your journey that will definitely encourage a lot of people. I am definitely encouraged!! May you forever be successful in all that you do, God bless you!!

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Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

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I’m so sick of these stupid articles. What works for one person may not work for anyone else. Everyone has their owns reasons to lose weight and their bodies will react differently to different regimens.


She is absolutely correct to use a scale. This removes guessamating. People believe they know how much they eat, but until you place it on a scale and measure it, chances are … you are overeating. Eating too much leads to weight gain. Chinese herbs is very great for weight loss.
The Step 25 Nutrition Plan recommends that you weigh and measure your food. Everything you eat, drink or place in your mouth to dissolve … always, ALWAYS measure and weigh.

Diets are for people who want a magical easy solution. The only solution is portion control and exercise.


3 healthy small meals a day and some exercise will work for you. Drink plenty of water and no sugary drinks.

It’s also really important to see a doctor first before starting on any drastic lifestyle change. Sometimes there are contributing factors – thyroid problems, hormone irregularities, etc that may be contributing to weight gain (or hindering the weight loss progress). A few simple blood tests could make a huge difference in whether or not you succeed.

Now if she could drop the tattoos, along with the rest of the millennial women, she’d be even more attractive!

Too bad she graffiti’d her new body with more horrible tattoos.

Whats repulsive is you guys saying she ruined her body with them. I have tattoos and it didnt ruin mine. Tattoos are an expression or art and we choose to wear ours.

I’m glad she managed to lose the weight, but for those of us who cannot afford bariatric surgery it will always be a harder struggle.

WOW another weight loss story. what about the people who have always had control over their urges and have maintain a healthy body, and good health all their life.
It really is in insult to healthy people to congratulate those for doing what should have been done in the first place. but whateves lets keep looking for all the people who choose to live the 7 deadly sins. I intake chinese herbs for weight loss everyday.

Ok. What’s the difference between “a crazy diet” and a “lifestyle change?” I suppose responsibility and determination.
I stopped drinking alcohol, and juiced vegetables and fruits for 10 months. Lost 45lbs. Cut out gluten permanently. I changed the way I lived via a “crazy diet.” F you morons.

Just quit ALL sugar, fried food, processed food, and fast food. Lower your calorie intake, and walk(1 mile) every other day. In 3 years, you’ll lost most of your extra weight.
Dieters want ‘fast’ results. But, there’s a rule when dieting. If you use ‘extreme measures ‘ to lose weight(such as starving, running MILES on treadmills, and such) When you then later quit these extreme measures(which you will), the weight you lost will come back(fast and brutally).
Take your time, no sugar(as mentioned above) and walk EVERY other day for 3 years. Weight yourself every 25 days.

Good for you! People don’t realize its how you live that dictates how you look. Period! You live healthy to look and are healthy. This lady is proof positive of that fact. Its sad now they call FAT plus size and are making models out of them all so we what? Feel sorry for them and buy into itsomehow being “normal”? Whatever! There are no shortcuts. There are no diets. Active living is all it takes. That and not stuffing 10000 calories into you body every day.

I’ve observed that the difference between success and failure in weight loss over the long term is that those who succeed change from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Change how you view food and lifestyle, and act on that. The pounds will take care of themselves.

I always find it strange that when you’re obese and you lose weight and look amazing your actual new weight number is still that of an obese person. Like 175, even at 6ft is a heavy number…yet she looks incredible. I realize muscle weighs a lot and they add muscle when doing this the healthy way…but…I still don’t think it’d explain 175 Ibs. If you’ve been fat you somehow make 175 Ibs look like what 125 Ibs looks like in our heads.

AWESOME! Congratulations, what a tremendous success story of sheer determination.

I’m SO glad they put her height in this article! It drives me NUTS when articles like this don’t mention height. She is 6″ tall, so 175 is totally good! I am 5’9″ tall and weigh 160. I can’t stand it when you see an article about weight loss and it’s all about how the person is now 120 lbs. Don’t forget about height journalism people! Anyway, congrats to this woman who lost all that weight. She looks AWESOME! Taking chinese herbs will give you a good option for weight loss.

I’m with you. However I am 5’1 and if I weighed 160 pounds I would look like a chunk. I work out and weigh between 115 and 120 but that is healthy for me and since it is muscle it looks like less. Most people still do not get it that bodies are made to move. Even if you have issues with joints, backs etc, you still feel better if you do some regular physical activity.

Why do most women dye their hair blonde when they lose a lot of weight? Look at the ads for most weight loss centers, articles, etc.. If their hair is dark in the before, it’s light in the after, almost every time.

Not sure what qualifies as a crazy diet, but I’m essentially on Paleo…while the no grains, no dairy, no legumes certainly sticks out, the most important aspect at least for me has been cutting sugar – which, if you avoid grains and candy (with the occasional cheat/snack), you’re well on your way from a diet perspective.
But I’ve done P90X, Focus T25, some of Insanity, and they’re legit. I also work-out on my own and take boot-camp classes at work.

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Best Body Cleanse for Weight Loss

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Well, since it is a public board, I can comment on your remark as well. It is very easy to say mean things about and to people on one, isn’t it? Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Just because this is a public board, doesn’t mean that the people who post these stories don’t read your hurtful comments. You may not care about my opinion, however, I hope that does not people you don’t care about anyone’s Because when you don’t care about other peoples opinions, you really just don’t care about other people. I really hope this is not the case and I will pray for you to be filled with God’s love.

I am glad that someone finally admits they sent their body to the chop shop afterwards to get themselves into their final shape. There is no way that you would be able to make your skin magically disappear!

Yep cutting calories doesn’t mean starving it means making smart food choices. You really need to educate yourself and avoid fads, even the so called healthy ones. Understanding how many calories you consume can’t be judged by the size of the food is power to succeed.

These weight loss stories are always the same. Some catalyst or embarrassing moment makes the overweight individual “wake up and smell the coffee.” Then they not only COMPLETELY change their way of eating magically–after a lifetime of overeating and gorging on junk–they become a soldier in the fitness war, going to this class and that class and joining gyms, running marathons, etc. Sorry, but for the average overweight person, it just doesn’t work that way. Changing a lifestyle that’s been going on for years and years isn’t easy, it doesn’t happen over night, and it takes work, work, dedication and work. There are MANY setbacks, none of which this woman discusses or even addresses. It’s nice that someone’s reached their weight goals, but not everyone is going to walk or run five miles a day and do “Insanity” workouts.

Who said it was easy? She was obese, I was obese and working my way down to a healthy weight. You can change. Stop making excuses. You have to WORK in life to get what you want. I’m kicking my #$%$ to get back down to a healthy weight.

You can start by walking around the block of that’s all you can do. Before you know it, you too could be walking 5 miles. But if all you do is make excuses, you’re never going to make any progress.

What if you got up 30 minutes earlier? Everyone and I do mean everyone who wants something bad enough will find a way to do it. I can bet that if you got paid to workout everyone would find time to do it. Put the payoff is your health and not a monetary value.

yep. Some easy changes to the day to make workouts easier – Get up 45 minutes early. that’s a 30 min workout and 15 min shower. While I have a little downtime at work waiting for things to finish I do squats. When I’m doing housework — I workout too! Finish vaccuming a room? Time for 15 push ups. Finish doing the dishes? 50 crunches. Waiting for a pot of water to boil for some spaghetti? Jumping Jacks. I have made it a point in my life to squeeze in exercise wherever possible, and it’s actually turning into a fun game — what can I do with this 10 min down time? Maybe when I hit 28 this year, I’ll be able to look in the mirror and smile.

So many Americans are over weight its insane. Next time you are in public count how many people you see overweight, its more than half the population.

It doesn’t look like the same person…where did the tatto from her right arm go she doesn’t have it on the skinnier pic of herself? The tattoos on that pic are different?

Its the same person, you can see the other tattoo btw. Also note that people can get tattoos at anytime. She most likely got the tattoos later on as a nice reminder for herself.

Ha! I didn’t even notice that! Maybe it was a fake tattoo? Still… certainly makes you go ‘hmm’.

I never lost weight faster in my life than when I was nursing. I’m not sure I would consider that a diet.. but it did help a lot.

“I had been approved for the Lap-Band [gastric banding surgery], but I decided I needed to give it one last real shot with diet and exercise alone before I went down the surgery route”
While I give her props and support for losing the weight, I want to point out that the “surgery route” is just as REAL as any other form of weightloss. Weightloss surgery is simply a TOOL. It is not the “easy way” or a “miracle fix”…. it takes hard work and dedication as would any change in lifestyle.

Good for her! Responded to an issue, overcame obstacles, and is honest about her failures along the way. That was actually a really inspiring and helpful article!

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